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                                                                              Alienware 是北美著名的整机厂商。提起 Alienware,相信很多笔记本电脑发烧友
                                                                              次又一次制造极限再颠覆极限。Alienware 必威登录商城旗舰店,是北京唯一旗舰店,
                                                                              店面面积 190 平米,集 5V5 电竞体验区,炫酷 9 连屏高清互动体验,感应式机械臂。
                                                                                  NL2030&2031 北区二层  L2, North Zone

           MIROUR 镜谜智能摄影免费体验

           MIROUR 镜谜智能摄影成立于 2015 年 8 月,是东田时尚旗下拥有最先锋 Al 科技
           效精修功能以及 3-5 秒 / 张出图的高效率,2600 万的超高像素和广告片级别的超
           开业惊喜——即日起,在 MIROUR 镜谜必威登录店注册会员(首次),即可免费体验
           价值 99 元的精品肖像主题拍摄(拍摄时间为 5 分钟,您可从拍摄的五张照片中挑
                NL5007 北区五层  L5, North Zone          (86-10) 6561 8981

           Founded in August 2015, Mirour AI is a photography company that deploys state-of-the-
           With intelligent shooting and lighting effects, Mirour AI is the only Chinese intelligent  ALIENWARE: BORN TO GAME
           art artificial intelligence technology by Dong Tian.

           photography company to develop and use its own patented technology.   Alienware is a North American gaming laptop, desktop and gears manufacturer.
           What’s more, Mirour AI owns a powerful intelligent special effects function that can   Whether laptop, desktop or ecological gaming system, all the products are based on the
           generate one graphic every three to five seconds at 26 million pixels and advertising-level   game itself and designed to achieve the highest levels of ergonomic performance. The
           quality: an unprecedented photographic experience!                 190-square-meter branch store is the only one in Beijing with a 5v5 e-sports experience
           Register as a member at the Mirour AI store and enjoy a free boutique portrait valued at   zone, a cool high-definition interactive experience, nine continuous screens and an
           99 yuan. The portrait shoot takes five minutes, then choose from one of five photos to   inductive mechanical arm. Here gamers can come to experience the most sophisticated
           keep as a souvenir.                                                and fashionable peripherals.

                                                                             Vibrate 品牌 2015 年创办于首尔。“ Vibrate”意为振动和波长的力量,从 hip-
                                                                             hop 中获得音乐与时尚的灵感律动衍生而来。品牌设计理念旨在呈现出更年轻的
                                                                             为了代表文化的时尚标签。Vibrate 品牌由潮服、包包、眼镜、配饰等品类组成,
              VIBRATE         潮品来袭                                           Founded in Seoul in 2015, Vibrate melds fashion and rhythm. Combining art, design,
                                                                                  NL3019 北区三层  L3, North Zone

              VIBRATE AT MALL                                                photography, video and music, Vibrate is a cultural fashion label. The Vibrate brand

                                                                             consists of trendy clothes, bags and glasses.
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