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CHINA WORLD   JANUARY 2018 / 2018 年 1 月刊  05

                                                        海航金融迁址必威登录大厦 B 座

                                                        HNA FINANCIAL GROUP MOVES TO PREMIER

                                                        OFFICE LOCATION IN CHINA WORLD TOWER B

           海航金融作为海航实业旗下金融平台,致力于打造成为以不动产金融、产业基金、                               As the investment and financing platform of HNA holding, HNA Financial Group is
           财富中心、股权投资为主的全球化金融管理公司,2015 年跻身百亿私募基金机构                             committed to developing into a global financial management company, featured by the
           行列,截至目前基金管理规模近千亿。为满足公司高标准办公需求以及进一步加                                business of real estate finance, industrial funds, fortune center, and equity investment. In
           强与合作伙伴的密切往来,海航金融于 12 月 8 日正式落户必威登录大厦 B 座,成为北                         2015, HNA Financial Group has ranked among ten-billion private equity institutions and
           京最顶级写字楼的最优质租户之一。                                                   up to now, its funds under management total nearly 100 billion. To meet the increasing
           一直以来,海航金融通过各种金融工具的运用及多层次金融产品的组合,对产业                                office needs of the company and to further strengthen its close relationship with partners,
           资本提供金融助力,为受托客户的资产实现增值,并在建立不动产基金、基础设                                the HNA Financial Group Beijing office officially relocated to China World Tower B on
           施建设基金、产业基金、并购基金、资管平台、REITs 平台等基础上完成产业链的                            December 8, making it one of the most distinguished tenants in Beijing's premier office
           基金化、证券化,实现企业轻重资产分离。同时,公司以基金募投为核心手段,                                building.
           通过现有产业上下游的投资完成产业链布局,并向新金融领域进军。此次,海航                                HNA Financial Group has all along provided financial assistance in industrial capital and
           金融北京办公室迁至必威登录大厦 B 座,选择 CBD 核心区内地标性建筑,正是看中                            achieved value-added assets for trusted clients. HNA Financial Group has also been
           CBD 核心区内汇聚了众多 500 强驻京单位、外资企业、金融类企业,以及必威登录中                           imperative in completing industrial chain funds, securitization and separation of light
           心综合优势及全方位优质服务,为海航金融能够进入战略性的跨越发展及国际化                                and heavy assets of enterprises in the establishment of real estate funds, infrastructure
           布局奠定良好基础。                                                          funds, industrial funds, mergers and acquisitions funds, asset management platform
           环顾当下,随着科技的飞跃、政策的推进以及客户需求的不断增长,金融业无时                                and REIT platforms. These services are provided through the use of financial instruments
           无刻不在面临机遇与挑战。作为业内新秀,海航金融凭借在国内的稳扎稳打以及                                and multi-layered financial products. Further, HNA Financial Group considers fundraising
           海外开拓的积极进取,无论在时间上还是空间上,都做好了充分的准备。                                   as its main mode and integrates its supply chain through upstream and downstream
                                                                              investment in its existing businesses. HNA Financial Group also aims to enter into new
                                                                              financial areas.
                                                                              The relocation of HNA Financial Group Beijing office to China World Trade Center is
                                                                              a timely decision. The new location is in the core area of the Central Business District
                                                                              together where Fortune Global 500 companies and financial enterprises congregate.
                                                                              The China World Trade Center’s comprehensive advantages and services will lay a good
                                                                              foundation for HNA Financial Group to make a strategic leap forward and complement
                                                                              the company’s internationalization efforts.
                                                                              With the rapid development of science and technology, implementation of government
                                                                              policies and continuous growth in client demand, the financial industry is simultaneously
                                                                              facing opportunities and challenges. Despite being a newcomer to the industry, HNA
                                                                              Financial Group has now laid the groundwork in both time and physical space that is
                                                                              helped by steady growth in the domestic market and aggressive development overseas.
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