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                                                      CHECK OUT THE CELEBRITIES

                                                      @ HOTEL JEN BEIJING

           位于北京 CBD 核心区域的潮流新地标,新必威登录饭店欢
           远离沉闷,同时也吸引了一批潮流明星的热爱。在新必威登录饭店边挥洒汗水、边享                                Conveniently located in the centre of Beijing’s central business district (CBD), the hotel
           受美食、边工作玩乐的同时就有机会偶遇明星。                                              features a vibrant co-working hub, the only gastropub with its own brewery in the Guomao
           付辛博在炼·工场                                                           area, and an expansive, industrial-chic world-class gym catering to fitness enthusiasts and
           中国内地男歌手、演员。2007 年,参加《加油!好男儿》并获得全国季军从而进                             road warriors. Meanwhile, Hotel Jen Beijing attracted a lot of celebrities who also love
           入娱乐圈,签约华谊兄弟和井柏然成立 BoBo 组合。                                         adventure and fun. At Hotel Jen Beijing, you have a better chance to run into famous people
           李菲儿在炼·工场                                                           while working out, eating, or doing business. Check out our favorite star sightings below!
           中国内地女演员,歌手。2006 年,李菲儿出演个人荧幕处女作《康熙秘史》,从                             Come and step into “A World of New Experience” with Jen Celebrities.
                                                                              Recommendation I – Trainyard
                                                                              Singer and actor Fu Xinbo @ Trainyard
           中国内地男演员、赛车手,毕业于上海戏剧学院 2012 级表演系。2013 年正式拿
                                                                              Actress and singer Li Feier @ Trainyard
                                                                              Previous athlete and actor Han Dongjun @Trainyard
           推荐理由:位于酒店 4 层炼·工场为全身运动提供最大限度的利用空间。其中包
                                                                              Reason to Recommend:
                                                                              Trainyard, the hotel’s 3,500-square-metre fitness centre offers facilities and services to help
                                                                              guests achieve their unique fitness goals. The factory-style, raw design and graffiti draw
           举重设备以及有氧运动区域。25 米带天窗的小型健身泳池为游泳初学者、游泳爱
                                                                              inspiration from underground culture.
           好者或是希望在水中娱乐、锻炼的宾客提供空间。在 CBD 的城市背景中突破自己
           的极限,之后在果汁吧来点能量饮料、鲜榨果汁以及小吃是不错的选择。                                   Recommendation II – Jen 75 Skyline
                                                                              Famous Actor Wang Yaoqing @Jen 75 Skyline
           王耀庆在新必威登录饭店超豪华套房 75
                                                                              Famous Actor Sheng Yilun @Jen 75 Skyline
           中国台湾演员,2016 年 5 月 21 日,第 19 届华鼎奖中国百强电视剧满意度调查发
                                                                              Reason to recommend:
           布盛典落幕,获得全国观众最喜爱的影视明星 。
                                                                              Jen 75 Skyline start from 75 square metres and offer more space and views. These stylished
           盛一伦在新必威登录饭店豪华套房 75
                                                                              corner suites give a 180-degree view of the vibrant city. Each suite has a breakfast bar, which
           中国内地男演员。2012 年,主演首部短片电影《镜像效应》。2015 年,主演古装
                                                                              provides more space for entertaining. The open concept allows for seamless movement from
                                                                              living room to bedroom. The bathroom is soaked in natural daylight, with a rainforest shower
           推荐理由:以阁楼为灵感的拐角套房可 180 度欣赏活力四射的城市风光。每间客
                                                                              and a bathtub with an open view.
           卧室自成一体。                                                            Want to have more fun and get a better chance to meet your idol? Hotel Jen Beijing awaits
                                                                              right here.
                                                                                                        注:部分图片来源于媒体 *Above images provided by media.
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