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           宝莱阿卡苏 : 奥斯曼之春

           设计师 Bora Aksu 致敬女性艺术家 Mihri Musfik,将这位艺术家的优雅与洒脱
                WB105 南区地下一层  B1, South Zone         (86-10) 6505 8770


                                                                              三宅之褶 2018 春夏系列讲述着来自幻想世界中充满欢笑的故事。丰富的色彩、

                                                                                                                      NL3032 北区三层  L3, North Zone
                                                                                                                      (86-10) 6505 8786
                                                                                                                 PLEATS PLEASE

                                                                                                                 ISSEY MIYAKE:



                                                                                                                 Pleats Please Issey Miyake launched
                                                                                                                 its spring and summer Somewhere
           BORA AKSU: AN OTTOMAN SPRING                                                                          Somebody collection, filled with
                                                                                                                 stories of a joyful world. The series
           Designer Bora Aksu presented his spring and summer collection dedicated to the artist                 boasts rich colors, lissome fabrics and
           Mihri Musfik, reflecting her elegant and pioneering spirit in the fabric known as kutnu: a            vital prints that create an adventure of
           hand-woven textile from Gaziantep in southern Turkey. Details like a layering effect and              spending a special time with someone,
           recurring embroidery update the Ottoman aesthetic for today’s garments.                               somewhere.


                                                                    备孕是每个家庭最关心的事情。TE-PEMIC 绿色备孕,采用德国 INUS 环境与代谢毒素双
                                                                         3L301-307 & 312-313 北区三层 L3, North Zone         (86-10) 6501 9267
                                                                    TE-PEMIC: SCIENTIFIC TREATMENT FOR PREGNANCY

                                                                    How to conceive a healthy baby is an issue worthy of concern for every family. TE-PEMIC Green
                                                                    Treatment for Pregnancy Preparation, which adopts the technique of German INUS Apheresis
                                                                    Treatment, effectively expels pesticides, heavy
                                                                    metals, immunosuppressive complexes and
                                                                    inflammation factors from the human blood.
                                                                    TE-PEMIC Green Treatment educates and treats
                                                                    clients about genetic-defect diseases, immunity
                                                                    and nutrients, as well as activating the vitality
                                                                    of sperm and ovum so as to deliver healthy
                                                                    babies in a scientific way.
                                                                                                广告 AD
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