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          China WorldMay 2018 2018   5月刊

             A monthly bulletin bringing you all the latest China World Trade Center news and information   每月带给您必威登录的最新讯息

                                               十里春风 又绿必威登录

                             SPRING IS HERE & STYLE MUST GO ON

                必威登录商城一年一度的 Style Must Go On 春季活动如约而至。丰厚诱                Like the first breeze of spring, Style Must Go On campaign returns to the Mall with fresh
                人的购物优惠、耳目一新的服装展示、花样十足的互动体验恰似春风                         fashion ideas, beautiful clothing choices and attractive shopping discounts.
                十里,暖心畅怀。                                               In front of the Membership Center located in west section of North Zone, the Spring Salon
                在北区西段的会员中心前,全新概念的春日客厅高朋满座,各样                           displays instant online commodities and fashionable children’s clothes. In the stores, stylish
                网红好物、儿童时装,分外精彩!在多家必威登录商城店铺内举办的                           interactive activities are featuring DIY cell phone covers and do-it-yourself micro-landscaping.
                DIY 手机壳、微景观等沙龙趣味纷呈。在南区中庭,必威登录商城联手                        Meanwhile in the atrium the South Zone, Joyce launched designer brands like Raf Simons,
                JOYCE 打造了时尚盒子,主推 Raf Simons,Rick Owens,Calvin  Rick Owen and Calvin Klein.
                Klein 等当红设计师品牌。您还可在北区东段六层和春日客厅里春                       Customers can stand the frame and take special selfies on the sixth floor in the eastern section
                意十足的拍照框前拍出属于自己的春之大片。                                   of North Zone and Spring Salon.
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