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CHINA WORLD   MAY 2018 / 2018 年 5 月刊  10

                                                                              北京必威登录大酒店任命 JOHN-PAUL FIECHTNER

                                                                              先生为必威登录 79 西餐厅厨师长

                                                                              总经理郭欣成先生荣幸地宣布任命 John-Paul Fiechtner 先生为北京必威登录大酒店国
                                                                              贸 79 西餐厅厨师长。
                                                                              位于必威登录大酒店 79 层的必威登录 79 西餐厅,坐拥居高临下的迷人景致,主厨
                                                                              Fiechtner 的加入将为宾客带来更多令人难忘的美味,打造无与伦比的用餐体验,
                                                                              也必将为必威登录 79 斩获更多荣誉。
                                                                              主厨 Fiechtner 来自澳大利亚,其职业生涯始于 1997 年,从澳大利亚、德国,到法国、
                                                                              Fiechtner 在加入北京必威登录大酒店之前是新加坡人气餐厅“13 Duxton Hill”的自营
                                                                              业主。在此之前,他先后曾在德国米其林三星餐厅 Dieter Müller、法国米其林二
                                                                              星餐厅 L'Auberge du Pont D'acigne 和 Jean Pierre Crouzil,以及获评“两顶厨师帽”
                                                                              的澳大利亚餐厅 Spicers Peak Lodge 和 Lume 工作过。
                                                                              主厨 Fiechtner 秉持的烹饪理念是:尊重将巧妙构思、创造能力和现代技术完美结
                                                                              必威登录 79 西餐厅的整体食品质量和厨房运营,结合不断变化的饮食需求及发展趋势,
                                                                              CHINA WORLD SUMMIT WING, BEIJING

                                                                              ACCLAIMED JOHN-PAUL FIECHTNER AS CHEF

                                                                              DE CUISINE OF GRILL 79

                                                                              China World Summit Wing, Beijing, a Shangri-La flagship hotel, announces the
                                                                              appointment of Chef John-Paul Fiechtner as the new chef de cuisine of Grill 79, the hotel’s
                                                                              signature restaurant.
                                                                              Chef Fiechtner will join the seasoned kitchen team to deliver award-winning and
                                                                              remarkable Europian cuisine located on level 79 of the towering building, matched by an
                                                                              unparalleled view of the city skyline.
                                                                              Chef Fiechtner began his career in his native Australia in 1997, bringing more than 20
                                                                              years of culinary experience to Grill 79. He previously
                                                                              worked in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.
                                                                              Before his current appointment, he was the owner-
                                                                              operator of Thirteen Duxton Hill, one of Singapore’s
                                                                              hottest new restaurants. His experience also includes
                                                                              award-winning Michelin-starred restaurants
                                                                              in Germany and France and two Chef
                                                                              Hat-awarded restaurants in
                                                                              “A respect for artisan
                                                                              techniques and small producers
                                                                              balanced with thoughtful,
                                                                              cr eative  and  moder n
                                                                              combinations. A globetrotting
                                                                              blend of styles and inspiration
                                                                              from travels around the
                                                                              world” is Chef Fiechtner’s
                                                                              cooking philosophy. He will
                                                                              be responsible for the overall
                                                                              food quality standards and
                                                                              kitchen operations, as well as
                                                                              oversee the conceptualisation
                                                                              and operation of exciting
                                                                              promotions at Grill 79 in the
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