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CHINA WORLD   MAY 2018 / 2018 年 5 月刊  02


                                                                              AN ABUNDANCE OF FUN

                                                                              SPRING ACTIVITIES

                                                                              许多会员参与了本次 Style Must Go On 春日客厅与品牌沙龙活动。
                                                                              为女士带来精致体验。 CACHET 则以“时尚乌托邦”为主题,为会员进行 1 对 1
                                                                              时尚搭配。JOYCE 邀请名模陈碧舸诠释自创品牌珠宝与新季服装的搭配,并上演
                                                                              蜡片。少儿花艺亲子体验和青稞芝士面包 DIY 让孩子收获动手的乐趣。在五一假期
                                                                              即将展开的百汇馆联手 WUZZA 巧拼花样手机壳、寿司 DIY、微景观 DIY,以及 5
                                                                              月 5 日在百汇馆举办的春田花花野餐课皆能为广大手工爱好者带来春趣无限。
                                                                              Many friends of the Mall are participating in the Style Must Go On campaign and brand
                                                                              salon events.
                                                                              Already a public class about color matching spring clothes has been held three times at Pleats
                                                                              Please Issey Miyake. The Cutie Nails salon is introducing exquisite nail art to ladies. Cachet
                                                                              offers matching fashion advice to members. Joyce has invited model Bonnie Chen for a
                                                                              fashion show that illustrates jewelry brands and their matching clothes. Stenders create a
                                                                              scented candle experience that has attracted many attendees by their noses. Children's Floral
                                                                              Family Experience and hullessbarley Cheese Bread DIY allow children to enjoy hands-on fun.
                                                                              During the May Day holidays, a series of do-it-yourself events will be held at Apous, such as
                                                                              piecing together distinctive wuzza cell phone covers, making sushi and micro-landscapes.
                                                                              The spring picnic class to be held May 5 at Apous is sure to be chock full of fun.





                                                                              热进行中! 5 月 6 日前,
                                                                              Before May 6th, China World
                                                                              Mall Members are eligible
                                                                              for redeeming gifts with
                                                                              points. China Merchant Bank
                                                                              is offering incentives to their
                                                                              credit card holders spending
                                                                              on F & B.
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