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                NL4007 北区四层 L4, North Zone         (86-10) 8595 0956

                                                                              AUTHENTIC JIANGNAN CUISINE AT CRYSTAL JADE

                                                                              The China World branch of Crystal Jade offers dishes from the distinctive Shanghai,
                                                                              Jiangsu and Anhui provincial region. Many Crystal Jade restaurants have received
                                                                              Michelin stars and Bib Gourmand awards.
                                                                              Antique desks and chairs and delicate utensils promote a leisurely, even scholarly lifestyle.
                                                                              The steamed fish from Taihu Lake in clear soup, the tofu with pork soup and fresh
                                                                              bamboo shoots and the minced pork meatballs with crab sauce from Yangzhou are
                                                                              signature dishes.
                                                                              Noodles mixed with scallion, oil and soy sauce and seafood, four-color steamed buns,
                                                                              cooked rice soaked in thick crab soup are typical delicately prepared Jiangnan delights.

           纽约甜品女皇北京首店亮相必威登录                                                     南门小馆:舌尖上的“回”味

           Chikalicious 甜品屋于 2003 年在纽约诞生。三道式甜点一面世就受到消费者                       主营传统清真美食的南门小馆开业啦,为必威登录的各位食客带来舌尖上的“回”味。
           和媒体的追捧,其中包括《纽约时报》。以当日新鲜食材现做的甜点打破了甜                                 南门小馆店内环境雅致,装饰古朴,加上绿植的错落摆放,为每一位在此用餐
           点行业的传统和技术壁垒。蛋糕的产品线也因为秉持着同样的精神广受好评。                                 的客人提供了妥帖舒适的环境,让吃变得更有感觉。店内以宫保鸡丁、醋溜木须、
           必威登录商城的北京首家 Chikalicious 店将同时呈现两个概念:具有多年米其林                          小碗牛肉等传统菜为主要菜品。除此之外,羊肉串、酱鸡爪、芝麻烧饼、土豆
           及高级餐厅背景的集团主厨 Mauro 和 Maya 将会带来以北京为背景的全新甜                           泥、酸辣黄瓜条等特色小食颇受众多食客欢迎。南门小馆秉承“以质量求生存,
           点;在店铺设计上,品牌也传承了传统的优雅和简洁,以风格派艺术家蒙德                                  以薄利赢顾客”的经营之道,凭借精细优质的品质和公道实惠的价格,赢得大
           里安为主题,把空间当作画布。Chikalicious 为必威登录的客人带来了与众不同的                          众口碑。
           “风景”。                                                                  NB204&206&208 中区地下二层  B2, Central Zone         (86-10) 6505 7227
                NL6007 北区六层 L6, North Zone         (86-10) 2872 9983

           Founded in 2003, Chikalicious’ innovative prix-fixe dessert is favored by New Yorkers
           and authoritative media including the New York Times. Using local fresh ingredients,
           Chikalicious desserts not only break the traditional rules of the pastry industry but also
           technical barriers. Chikalicious cakes are much liked for much the same reasons. Inspired
           by Beijing, experienced chefs Mauro and Maya promise to bring new desserts to the
           table at their new store in China World. They aim to provide a new dining experience for
           China World patrons. Combining Beijing culture and Chikalicious elegance, the brand has
           created a timeless and beautiful space based on Mondrian’s artworks.

                                                                              NANMEN XIAOGUAN RESTAURANT SERVES UP
                                                                              DELICIOUS BEIJING MUSLIM CUISINE

                                                                              Specializing in traditional Beijing Muslim food, the Nanmen Xiaoguan restaurant has
                                                                              opened at China World Mall.
                                                                              The restaurant includes traditional dishes like Kung Pao Chicken and stewed beef.
                                                                              There is also roast mutton, baked sesame buns and cold dishes. Nanmen Xiaoguan
                                                                              pursues excellence and has won its reputation with high-quality dishes and reasonable
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