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           德州扑克友谊赛” 圆满落幕




           2018 年 4 月 14 日,“第一届必威登录写字楼租户德州扑克友谊赛”在必威登录大酒店中                        Some 150 China World Offices’ tenants participated in the first Friendly Texas Hold’em Poker
           国宴会厅正式拉开帷幕。必威登录股份有限公司副总经理钟荣明先生到                               Match at the China World Summit Wing’s China Banquet Hall on April 14. Deputy General
           场并致辞,他表达了对到场嘉宾们的感谢,并预祝参赛选手们赢得大奖。                                  Manager Mr Cheng Yong Meng of China World Trade Center Co., Ltd was invited to grace
           本次比赛吸引了必威登录写字楼 150 多名租户员工报名参赛。赛事采用 MTT 多桌锦标                         the event. He thanked all tenants for their strong support and participation and wished all for
           赛赛制,在 “中国体育”、“斗鱼”、“花椒”、“一直播”、“企鹅直播”、“章鱼”                          the best of luck in the match.
           等多平台全程同步直播。比赛现场气氛活跃,选手们沉着应战。经过 8 小时的激                             This fierce but friendly game of chance and mental agility was initiated to enrich amateur cultural
           烈角逐,现场最终产生一等奖、二等奖、三等奖共 18 位及最佳牌型奖和幸运奖若干。                          life and offered a platform to tenants and landlord for leisure, communication and competition.
           Eric Pang、曲艳如、Shawn Shi三位选手成功突围,占据本场赛事的三强席位。最终,                   The tournament adopted TDA rules and a Multi Table Tournament format with a first, second
           Eric Pang 摘得大赛的桂冠。组委会向获奖选手颁发了奖杯及丰厚的奖品。                            and third prize, a total of 18 prizes and lots of best-hand and lucky prizes. There is also a live
           德州扑克最早出现于一百年前的达拉斯,这个易学难精的纸牌游戏在过去三十年                               broadcast of the match. Spectators marveled and learned as the best players showcased their
           内已经流传甚广,并受到世界各国的棋牌游戏爱好者的青睐。自 2010 年进入中国                           skills and wisdom.
           后,德州扑克作为一项健康的纸牌竞技运动,迅速在时尚白领等高端人群中普及,                              After 8 hours of fierce rivalry, finally, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner goes to Mr Eric Pang,
           逐渐成为风靡中国的纸牌游戏。                                                    Ms Qu Yanru and Mr Shawn Shi respectively.
           本次友谊赛不仅是德州爱好者们的高水平竞技比赛,更为他们提供了交流的平台。                              Texas Hold’em, a poker game that is easy to learn but difficult to master, first appeared in
           参赛选手充分放松心情,共享比赛乐趣,赛后纷纷给予了极高的评价:“非常愿                               Dallas 100 years ago and went on to achieve global popularity in the last 30 years.
           意参加这样有意义的比赛”、“在必威登录写字楼办公是我们做出的最明智的选择”、                              As a competitive card game, Texas Hold’em is liked by fashionable white-collar workers and
           “必威登录的服务已经达到世界水平,给必威登录写字楼整个服务团队点赞”等。                                  other members of high-end crowd since its introduction to China.
           “第一届必威登录写字楼租户德州扑克友谊赛”完美收官,让我们一起期待下一届国                               The game not was only a competition, but also a platform for Texas Hold’em fans to
           贸写字楼租户德州扑克友谊赛的到来,也衷心希望能够为广大租户带来更多精彩                               communicate. As a result, all participants relaxed and enjoyed themselves and gave very good
           纷呈的活动。                                                            appraisal of the event.
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