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CHINA WORLD   MAY 2018 / 2018 年 5 月刊  09

                                                                              邂逅·云端  北京必威登录大酒店 X 兰博基尼

                                                                              北京 春季沙龙活动

                                                                              龙活动 - 邂逅·云端。在北京必威登录大酒店 80 层的云·酷酒吧,来自夏威夷檀香山
                                                                              的呼拉舞大师 Kiani 为大家呈现了一场热情的表演,云·酷酒吧首席调酒师 Dicky
                                                                              Hartono 则亲自教大家调制了兰博基尼联名款鸡尾酒,来宾们还品鉴了尽然春色的
                                                                              着脚下帝都风情,神游于时光交错的皇家官邸与高楼大厦之间。在这个 3 月一起

                                                                              LAMBORGHINI HONOUR SALON@

                                                                              It was a sight to behold as many stunning Lamborghini models began pulling up to
                                                                              China World Summit Wing, Beijing. During this event, Atmosphere had the pleasure of
                                                                              partnering with Lamborghini to host an appreciation event for users of this one-of-a-
                                                                              kind sports car in Beijing.
                                                                              To match the premium performance and aesthetic
                                                                              of the Lamborghini brand, Atmosphere’s Head
                                                                              Bartender, Dicky Hartono, created an equally stylish
                                                                              cocktail inspired by their newly launched “Urus”
                                                                              SUV. It goes without saying that the bold flavours
                                                                              and chic garnishes used by Hartono had engines
                                                                              purring throughout the event. The salon reached
                                                                              its climax as Hawaiian hula master Kiani Maile
                                                                              Mcbean’s troupe of fantastic hula dancers took
                                                                              the stage to set the festive mood for this gathering
                                                                              tailor-made for high-performance car lovers.
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