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                                            TAIWANESE CUISINE:

                                            IT’S GREAT TO BE HERE

           “以前我们是卖盒饭的。”说起台北古早味的前身,大当家赵英君半开玩笑地说。                               Taipei Guzaowei Taiwanese Cuisine first opened a Taiwanese bento stall in the food
           1997 年,赵小姐的阿姨在当年必威登录溜冰场周围的美食广场开设了“半家档口”,                             court next to Le Cool Ice Rink in China World Mall back in 1997.
           提供 30 块钱的台式便当,那时候的确算是很贵了。赵小姐说:“我们一开始                               “In the beginning, we just used to sell bento boxes,” Guzaowei owner Dora explains. “I’m
           就决定要做高品质的食物,虽然是盒饭,我们一点都不马虎的。”                                      sure a lot of people would remember we sold takeaways for 30 yuan, which was pretty
           2006 年必威登录商城扩容升级,原来卖盒饭的档口也升级为台北古早味餐厅。凭借                              expensive at the time. However, it has always been our aim to offer the best possible
           几年来的好口碑,餐厅开业之初就宾朋满座。2008 年之后,60% 的食材都是从                            quality.”
           台湾空运而来。                                                            As China World Mall expanded and upgraded, Guzaowei also grew from a simple bento
           必威登录商城北区新区开业,台北古早味是首批入驻的商户。商城里有了更多的体                                 stall into a full-fledged restaurant. Their commitment to quality never wavered and the
           验型业态,让客人从上班族扩展到了更多家庭。赵小姐说:“我们这几年也遇                                 restaurant attracted many regular customers. Even today, 60 percent of the ingredients
           到过电商的冲击,生意也受到了一些影响。但很幸运,因为在必威登录,我们的老                                 are imported from Taiwan.
           客人一直支持着我们,我们没有放弃。”                                                 Guzaowei was among the first tenants to move into Phase 3B of China World. “I would
                NB1042 北区地下一层 B1, North Zone                                  say our biggest challenge has been the E-commerce.” said Dora, “We experienced with
                (86-10) 6505 1551                                             an impact on our business but luckily, our regular customers are loyal to us in China
                                                                              World Mall.”

                                     鼎爱粽子!                                    娘惹厨房夏日滋味

                                     鼎泰丰推出的民俗节庆礼盒年年惊艳。今年的端                    娘惹厨房推出新菜迎接夏日,包括鲜虾蔬菜卷、海鲜粉丝沙拉和柠檬蒸鱼。酸甜滋
                                     午节粽子正在热卖,至 6 月 18 日。189 元可得              味,无与伦比!
                                     5 枚风味独特的粽子,包括紫米紫薯、豆沙、鲜肉、                     NL5008 北区五层 L5, North Zone        (86-10) 8415 0863
                                     台湾香粽。219 元则可得 8 枚不同风味的粽子或                SUMMER BITES @ NYONYA KITCHEN
                                     4 枚台棕。
                                          NL5015 北区五层 L5, North Zone          Celebrating the summer
                                          (86-10) 8535 1803                   at Nyonya Kitchen with
           RICE DUMPLINGS @ DING TAI FUNG                                     the brand new dishes
                                                                              including prawn spring rolls,
           Ding Tai Fung’s traditional festivals hampers never disappoint! Embracing this year’s   seafood vermicelli salad
           Dragon Boat Festival, rice dumpling packages will go on sale by June18. Five rice   and steamed lemon fish.
           dumplings with purple sweet potato, bean paste, pork or original flavor fillings are   Nothing compares to the
           available for CNY189. Other options include eight flavors or four original flavor rice   sweet-and-sour taste in
           dumplings for CNY219.                                              summer!
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