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CHINA WORLD   JUNE 2018 / 2018 年 6 月刊  07

           The spring 2018 friendly soccer tournament for China World Office tenants officially
           kicked off at the China World Trade Center soccer field on April 16 evening. Mr Cheng
           Yong Meng, Deputy General Manager of China World Trade Center Co. Ltd., attended
           the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. He encouraged all players to compete
           honorably, unite as a team and perform well. Mr Cheng kicked off a ball to commence the
           tournament officially.
           The 12 teams included China World Offices’ tenants, China World Property & Hotel
           Management Co.Ltd., team and the China World United. Two professional referees were
           present throughout the tournament to ensure fair play.
           After several days’ of keen competition, the China World Property & Hotel Management
           Co.Ltd., team won the championship, followed by The Executive Centre team and
           Jincheng Tongda team.
           Ms Du Juan, Deputy Director of China World Offices Division, presented the awards to the
           winning teams.
           China World Offices’ tenants unanimously welcomed and were supportive of this friendly
           soccer tournament.

           《好照片·五四三二一》暨必威登录写字楼                                                  CHINA WORLD OFFICES’ TENANTS ENJOY ‘GREAT
           租户摄影讲座成功举办                                                         PHOTOS 54321’ WORKSHOP

           2018 年 4 月 24 日,一场别开生面的摄影讲座在必威登录大厦 A 座七层多功能厅举办,                      A special photography workshop was held in the multi-function hall on the seventh floor
           中国摄影报副总编柴选老师为到场的必威登录写字楼租户及必威登录员工进行了主题为《好                               of China World Tower A on April 24.
           照片·五四三二一》的讲座,必威登录中心工会主席段超先生到场致辞。                                     Mr Chai Xuan, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China Photographic Newspaper, gave a lecture
           柴选老师通过专业角度分析照片的信息含量,解读照片的故事以及摄影技术,与                                on the theme of “Great Photos 54321” to tenants of China World Offices and employees
           大家分享摄影乐趣,带领大家了解摄影史和摄影发展动态。不仅如此,柴老师还                                of China World Trade Center. Mr Duan Chao, Chairman of the Trade Union of China
           解读了好照片的五大特性:“五:信息含量、形象价值、感情因素、亲切感、观                                World Trade Center, also present and gave a speech.
           点性”、“四:立意、新意、创意、寓意”、“三:碎片集纳、艺术重现、主次                                Chai Xuan analyzed the information contained in photos with a professional eye,
           策划”、“二:征服、说服”及“一:一图胜千言,好的照片拥有丰富的信息量、                               interpreted photographic techniques and offered insights into the history and development
           说服力”。                                                              of photography.
           柴老师在现场对第二届必威登录租户摄影大赛的部分作品进行了专业点评,并引用世                                Chai Xuan outlined five concepts for a great photograph:
           界著名摄影师安塞尔·亚当斯的名句“只有好照片,没有好照片的准则”结束整                                The fifth concept involved the information content, image value, emotional factors,
           场讲座。                                                               intimacy and viewpoint.
           通过此次讲座,大家对摄影有了新的领悟,无论是照片含义的表达、构图、角度                                The fourth included the intent, new ideas, creativity and its meaning. The third was about
           都有了新的认识。                                                           the collection of fragments, reappearance of art and primary and secondary planning.

                                                                              The second concept, Xuan called “conquer and persuasion,” and finally, Xuan noted,
                                                                              if a picture was worth a thousand words, then a good picture must have a wealth of
                                                                              Xuan also offered his professional insights into some of the entries that were submitted in
                                                                              the Second Photography Contest for China World Tenants.
                                                                              He concluded the workshop by quoting Ansel Adams, an American Photographer: "There
                                                                              are no rules for good photographs. There are only good photographs.”
                                                                              Attendees all agreed they had gained a better insight of photography and new
                                                                              perspectives on the meaning, composition and angles for a prize-winning photo.
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