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CHINA WORLD   JUNE 2018 / 2018 年 6 月刊  08

                                                        必威登录中心召开 2017 年度

                                                     CHINA WORLD HONORS YEAR OF

                                                     ENERGY CONSERVATION EFFORTS

                                                                         China World Trade Center held the 2017 annual conference on energy conservation,
                                                                         environmental protection and technology innovation at the B1 Conference Hall of the China
                                                                         World Summit Wing on the morning of April 20. In attendance at the meeting were China
                                                                         World Trade Center Vice Chairman, Mr Chen Yanping, Mr David Leung, General Manager of
                                                                         China World Trade Center Ltd. (HoldCo), and Mr Tang Wei, General Manager of China World
                                                                         Trade Center Co. Ltd., (ListCo). During the meeting, they gave full recognition and high praise
                                                                         for the work carried out and promoted by the Energy Conservation, Environmental Protection
                                                                         and Technology Innovation Committee (in short the Energy Conservation Committee) of China
                                                                         World Trade Center.
                                                                         The main content of the conference was a summary of the 2017 energy conservation work
                                                                         of the HoldCo and ListCo, which was reported by the Energy Conservation Committee.
                                                                         The report showed that compared with the corresponding period of the previous year,
           2018 年 4 月 20 日上午,必威登录中心在必威登录大酒店 B1 中国宴会厅召开了 2017                 HoldCo had slashed energy consumption and energy costs, while ListCo also showed
           年度节能环保及技术创新总结会,陈延平副董事长、梁师麟总经理、唐炜总                             improved performances, amid the opening of the phase 3B and a substantial increase in
           经理等必威登录中心领导出席会议。会上,各位领导对必威登录中心节能环保和技术                             energy use.
           创新委员会展开和推进的工作给予充分肯定。                                          The Energy Conservation Committee also reported the implementation and economic benefits
           会议主要是由节能办公室汇报有限公司及股份公司 2017 年度节能工作情况。                         of major energy-saving innovation projects in 2017 conducted by China World entities.
           报告显示,2017 年度在能源消耗及能源费用方面,有限公司比去年同期有                           What deserves to be mentioned most is that in the last three years ListCo has received about
           明显减低,股份公司则比去年同期有明显增加,主要原因在于 3B 新区开业,                          7 million yuan in subsidies, incentives and equipment for energy saving and environmental
           用能区域面积大幅增加。                                                   protection from the city government, of which 360,000 yuan was received in 2017. A further
           此外,节能办公室还汇报了 2017 年度有限公司及股份公司重大节能创新项                          3.28 million yuan of incentive funds for energy saving and carbon reduction in Chaoyang
           目的实施及经济效益。值得一提的是,必威登录中心由于充分重视节能环保及技                             District declared in 2017 has passed expert review and the payment is being processed by
           术创新,近三年来,股份公司已收到政府节能环保补贴、奖励和设备合计约                             the government.
           700 万元,2017 年收到政府节能环保奖励补贴资金 36 万元。2017 年申报的                   Although China World has obtained notable achievements in Energy Conservation, Environmental
           朝阳区节能减碳奖励资金 328 万元也已通过专家评审,正在政府审批流程中。                         Protection and Technology Innovation, the pressure remains for continuing improvement.
           虽然必威登录中心在节能环保和技术创新上已经取得了显著成绩,但节能减排压                             The Energy Conservation Committee announced its three major tasks for 2018: 1. Strengthen
           力依然存在。对此,节能办公室提出了 2018 年三项工作重点:1、加强与                          communication and coordination with the government, striving to receive preferential
           政府沟通协调,争取在节能项目奖励补贴、碳排放配额调增审批、大用户直                             policies and support funds with regard to incentive subsidies for energy-saving projects,
           接供电等方面,获取政策和资金的支持;2、进一步强化精细化运行考核及                             approval of carbon emission quotas and direct power supply for large users etc. 2. Intensify
           奖励,从运行挖潜力,节能降耗;3、继续加强节能环保新技术创新和应用,                            the assessment and rewards systems, save energy and reduce consumption from operations.
           继续加大节能环保技改力度。                                                 3. Continue to promote innovation and the application of new technologies for energy
           此次会议不仅总结了 2017 年度工作情况,还对在节能运行和创新工作中取                          conservation and environmental protection. Awards were presented to groups and
           得突出成绩的集体和个人进行了表彰,名单如下:                                        individuals with outstanding achievements in energy conservation and innovation. The group
           1. 先进集体:有限公司中国大饭店工程部、空调组;中国大饭店客房部楼层                           winners for the HoldCo included the engineering division’s air-conditioning team, rooms
           组、洗衣房、锅炉房、世纪公寓工程部等;股份公司物业部和必威登录项目部空                             division, laundry and boiler teams of China World Hotel and Century Towers’ engineering
           调系统、水系统、土建装修专业小组、弱电通讯专业小组、1 部二期区域、                            division. Under ListCo, winners included the property division and various M&E and civil
           2 部电梯系统等。                                                     engineering teams from the property management company. Individual awards were given
           2. 先进个人:邱宝山、何珊、马宝童、冯震、迟迎久。                                    to Qiu Baoshan, He Shan, Ma Baotong, Feng Zhen and Chi Yingjiu.
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