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CHINA WORLD   JULY 2018 / 2018 年 7 月刊  12

           来夏宫,吃到这个时节                                                                        TASTE SEASONAL DELICACY AT

           你家乡的“道地菜”                                                                             SUMMER PALACE

           夏至已至,这个时节,你的家乡都                                                                         What do you miss eating during this season, particularly
           时兴吃什么?洞庭湖的藕,黄海                                                                           the specialties only found in your hometown? Lotus root
           的蟹,徽州的鸡头米,惠州的荔                                                                             from Dongting Lake, crabs from yellow sea, gorgon
           枝,四川的乳鸽……夏宫主厨                                                                               fruits from Huizhou, litchi from Huizhou, pigeon from
           陈坚师傅将散落在华夏大地上                                                                               Sichuan... Executive Chinese Chef Chan has sourced
           的当季珍馐,一一纳入菜谱,                                                                               these seasonal delicacies from different regions of
           以经典的淮阳菜和粤菜的烹                                                                                China as ingredients for his seasonal menu. Using the
           调手法,奉上一道道“夏宫夏                                                                               cooking methods of classic Huai Yang and Cantonese
           季时令家乡菜”。                                                                                    cuisines, he presents you with the menu entitled

                                                                                                      “Home style dishes with the ingredients of Summer “.


           罗斯风情特调鸡尾酒,引爆属于这个夏季的激情 !
           阿丽雅酒吧 Aria Bar
           营业时间 Time :11:00- 凌晨 01:00 (周日至周四) ; 11:00- 凌晨 02:00 (周五至周六),
                (86-10) 65052 266-5743
           GO! WORLD CUP 2018!

           Aria Bar offers a great vantage point and comfortable environment to watch the
           football match. Oysters, grilled seafood, BBQ, draft beer, champagne, and cocktail
           with a zest of Russian vodka, let’s celebrate theanticipated and passionate summer
           time together!!
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