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           街舞大神 GALEN HOOKS                空降炼·工场!                            TOP STREET DANCER GALEN HOOKS @

           Galen  Hooks——美国著名舞蹈演员、编舞师及教练,曾与贾斯汀·比伯、蕾                           TRAINYARD!
           哈娜等国际知名大咖合作。6 月,世界顶级街舞舞者 Galen Hooks 亲临炼·工
                                                                              Galen Hooks is a dancer, choreographer and teacher who has worked with stars like
                                                                              Justin Bieber, Rihanna and many more. The Los Angeles native stopped by Trainyard last
                                                                              month for a very special invite-only dance class where she taught a routine inspired by her
           Galen Hooks 分享了她眼中关于舞蹈编排、北京与洛杉矶的相似之处和中国街舞
           的日新月异。Galen Hooks 曾多次到访北京,她对这个历史悠久的城市印象深刻,
                                                                              Afterwards, we caught up with her to talk choreography, similarities between Beijing and
                                                                              LA, and the growing popularity of street dance in China.
                                                                              As this is not the first time Galen visits Beijing. She has a very nice impression about this
           为期三天的北京之旅,Galen Hooks 都选择在新必威登录饭店度过。三天的相处让新
                                                                              historical city. Compare with her hometown, she thinks both cities are full of people who
                                                                              work very hard, and are very disciplined and self-motivated. They’re both places where you
                                                                              can build your own life.
           操课教室情有独钟,除此之外,她还非常喜欢瑜伽教室和游泳池。Galen Hooks
                                                                              During this trip, Galen stayed with us for 3 days. The 3-day experience made Hotel
                                                                              Jen Beijing her favourite hotel not only in Beijing, but worldwide. Her favorite place is
                                                                              Trainyard’s dance studio, as well as the yoga room and swimming pool. Though Plenty of
                                                                              hotels have that, Hotel Jen’s colourful decor and laid-back atmosphere make it a nice place
           你是否也好奇,如果 Jen 开在洛杉矶,Galen Hooks 会有什么地点推荐呢?她表
                                                                              to hang out and work as well.
           示洛杉矶有很多高耸入云的建筑,市中心的样貌与新必威登录饭店所处的北京 CBD 类
                                                                              By asking her if there is a Hotel Jen in LA, where would she suggest to be at, Galen said
           似。当然,主打轻松、年轻、时尚、现代的 Jen 开在高端酒店云集的比弗利山庄
                                                                              with lots of high rises, downtown LA is really similar to Beijing’s CBD! And she could also
                                                                              see a Hotel Jen on the west side, somewhere like Beverly Hills. There are tonnes of high
           作为《这!就是街舞》和《热血街舞团》两档大热综艺的编舞老师,Galen Hooks
                                                                              end hotels there – if there was an option that felt modern and young, people would be
                                                                              very into that.
                                                                              As a world class street dancer, Galen was invited to the very first Chinese Street Dance
           多数受美国街舞的影响,拥有美式街舞的风格。Galen Hooks 希望他们能拥有自
                                                                              competition TV show: Street Dance of China and Hot Blood Dance Crew. In there she
                                                                              found a lot of her students who had taken her class before and hadn’t seen in over a year.
                                                                              During the show, she adviced to them to work on building their confidence and figuring out
           Galen Hooks 回忆她与陈伟霆的合作经历时表示这段经历非常愉快,她还与陈伟
                                                                              their own artistic voices. Because many of them are very influenced and inspired by what’s
           霆的家人一起共进晚餐。Galen Hooks 赞美陈伟霆非常贴心、温暖、绅士,让她
                                                                              happening in the United States and that is great. But She also wants them to translate that
                                                                              into their own point of view. Not just imitate, but add their own voice as well.
                                                                              William Chen, is her dance partner of the opening show for that TV program. According
                                                                              to this corporation, Galen felt it was such a pleasant experience to work with William
                                                                              together. She also had dinner with him and his family. William was so nice to her and
           炼·工场 Trainyard
                                                                              made her feel so welcome here. "He made me feel like this is his home country and I was
                北京市朝阳区建国门外大街 1 号 新必威登录饭店 4-5 层
                                                                              welcome here and he wanted to show me the best", Galen said.
                  No.1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Hotel Jen Beijing, L4&L5
                                                                              Except for encountering the top street dancer, you will also meet all kinds of fitness
                (86 10) 6505 2277 – 7000
                                                                              experts. Want to raise your fitness level?(Come and join us at Trainyard.
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