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           设在每年六月的第二个周六的“世界健康日”于 2018 年 6 月 9 日星期六在
           5000 多个不同地点的 100 多个国家庆祝,旨在呼吁和倡导更多的人关注健康并
           接下来的 364 天,为了与健康美好的生活更近一步。
                                                                              GLOBAL WELLNESS DAY TRAINYARD OUTDOOR

                                                                              HIIT TRAINING BOOT CAMP

                                                                              Global Wellness Day is being held on the second Saturday of June each year. It was
                                                                              celebrated on Saturday, June 9, 2018 at more than 5,000 locations within over 100
                                                                              countries. It aims to appeal and advocate for more people to focus on healthcare and
                                                                              body exercise.
                                                                              As one of the world's most stunning hotel fitness centers, Trainyard held an Outdoor
                                                                              HIIT Training boot camp at CWTC football Court. Senior trainers from the Trainyard
                                                                              led fitness enthusiasts for aerobic exercise and high-intensity training with resistance
                                                                              exercise. Challenges and joyfulness were found via running exercises, spinning, BOSU
                                                                              and other aerobic exercises. There ware also penalty shots, and tug-of-war activities
                                                                              included in the exercise. HIIT Training is recognized as one of the most effective fat-
                                                                              reducing exercises and a great choice for body shaping.
                                                                              Trainyard gathered fitness enthusiasts through the Outdoor HIIT Training boot camp.
                                                                              Everyone enjoyed the fun of sweating in the sport, and challenged their own limitations.
                                                                              It reflected the slogan of Global Wellness Day: “changes your entire life in one day” and
                                                                              made this health statement be influential in the next 364 days. It is a step closer to the
                                                                              healthy and beautiful life.
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