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CHINA WORLD   JULY 2018 / 2018 年 7 月刊  16

           “瓜瓜乐”鲜酿啤酒,消灭酷暑 清凉一夏!                                               CUKE NUKEM, DESTROY THE SUNBURNT DAYS!

           想在夏日获得一份清凉?不用太过麻烦!鲜啤吧为你准备了“瓜瓜乐”鲜酿啤酒,                               Beat the heat this summer with a refreshing new beer from Beersmith. Introducing Cuke
           帮你驱逐炎热,冰爽一夏!与 imbeer 的沙仙森合作酿造的这款瓜瓜乐——黄瓜小                           Nukem, our new seasonal beer here to destroy your thirst. Brewed in collaboration with
           麦艾尔,采用未经过滤的美式小麦汁融入了鲜榨黄瓜汁。 清爽的黄瓜与小麦麦芽                               Mr. Sha from imbeer. This unfiltered American style wheat ale is infused with freshly juiced
           的风味融合在一起,让人联想到黄瓜三明治,是一款完美的下午茶啤酒。                                   cucumbers. Bready flavour from the wheat malt combine together and are reminiscent of
           4 月底,鲜啤吧酿酒大师 Tom 带领几位京城精酿啤酒粉儿参观了 CBD 区域唯一的                         cucumber sandwiches – the perfect afternoon tea beer!
           精酿啤酒设备,并讲解各种啤酒花的用途及酿酒知识,随后,Tom 带领他们一同                              Last month, our brewmaster Tom hosted a master class and tour for a few fans to learn
           参观了冷库,真正开启了酿造啤酒的大门。学习完啤酒花与酿酒知识后,Tom 带                              more about the only brewery in Beijing’s CBD. After the workshop, our visitors took a small
           领这几位精酿啤酒粉儿一同前往鲜啤吧,享用精酿啤酒,顺便来了一场临场测试。                               quiz about the brewing knowledge bombs just dropped on them. Craft brewery expert
           测试的成绩是选角儿的重要标准之一。这位神秘的沙仙森凭借多年与啤酒打交道                                Mr.Sha, from imbeer passed with flying colours, and from there they got to work planning
           的经验,全部回答正确,也因此他被选为 Tom 的合酿对象,真正开启了他们的酿                             up a brand new summer time beer collaboration.
           酒之旅。                                                               As a Beijinger himself, Mr. Sha wanted to create a Beijing-style beer by using a popular cooling
           合酿一款京味儿啤酒的想法让 Tom 与沙仙森一拍即合。从小到大生长在北京的                              summer time vegetable. Cucumber was the natural choice. Cuke Nukem was inspired by the
           沙仙森首先想到了炸酱面菜码儿标配黄瓜和夏日必备凉菜拍黄瓜作为酿造灵感,                                dish smashed cucumber salad, a delicious appetizer for traditional Beijing families.
           这个想法被来自新西兰的 Tom 欣然接受,所以黄瓜,也成为此次瓜瓜乐的主要                              Now it's brew time, from choosing hops to dropping malt, then controlling temperature
           原料之一。                                                              to the major challenge of this project – squeezing fresh juice from 30kg cucumbers. Finally,
           万事俱备后,真正的酿造之旅开始了。选料、投料、温度调控、60 斤黄瓜,手工削皮,                           the process is done. A month later, now the cucumber wheat ale Cuke Nukem has landed
           手工榨汁等操作按部就班的进行。经过差不多一个多月的辛勤劳作,这款中西结                                on the Beersmith menu.
           合、京洋合作的黄瓜小麦艾尔——瓜瓜乐终于新鲜出炉。无论颜色、口味还是香                                Looking for a perfect way to keep cool during the hot summer months? Grab a pint of
           气,瓜瓜乐都给了 Tom 和沙仙森带来了不少的惊喜。                                         Cuke Nukem while you can!
           瓜瓜乐是新必威登录饭店鲜啤吧与外界人士的首次合作,此次合作也是新必威登录饭店                                 鲜啤吧 Beersmith         (86 10) 6505 2277 – 6610
           精酿啤酒的里程碑。这次的合酿究竟碰撞除了什么火花呢?快来鲜啤吧一探究                                     北京市朝阳区建国门外大街 1 号  新必威登录饭店 L1 层
           竟吧!                                                                     No.1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Hotel Jen Beijing, L1
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