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CHINA WORLD   JULY 2018 / 2018 年 7 月刊  04

                                                     MR & MRS ITALY:                           PICK UP YOUR UNIQUE ZODIAC
                                                     全球首定专属之“色”                                AT MR & MRS ITALY

                                                     Mr&Mrs Italy 是一家忠于为顾客打造独具创意的              Mr & Mrs Italy interprets iconic garments with an Italian flair,
                                                     意大利风格的高级时装品牌,以强势传统及深厚                     creating unique, high-end fashion items for women and men.
                                                     历史为基础不懈探究风格时尚。他们将传统手工                     Mr & Mrs Italy's success is based on the capability to continuously
                                                     制材料运用于时尚单品中,并结合品牌独有的繁                     research and identify styles with a strong tradition and a rich
                                                     复着色工艺和涂刷技术,还原 100% 的意大利制                  history. They are transformed in unique, fashionable pieces
                                                     造。其中,最著名的是派克服:以 50 年代美国步                  using handcrafted materials, often exclusive for the brand as
                                                     兵服饰为原型的派克大衣系列诞生于 2007 年,                  well as sophisticated coloring and finishing techniques. All are
                                                     以其舒适耐穿而著称。Mr&Mrs Italy 将其改造成              100 percent made in Italy. The Mr & Mrs Italy fur clad parka has
                                                     皮草内里,最大限度地保留了原有的外形及细节。                    emerged as an icon of the industry. Since 2007, the brand has
                                                     5月29日 - 6 月 8 日 Mr&Mrs Italy 在必威登录商城        been identified with the parka, a resistant and comfortable jacket,
                                                     南区中庭带来了最新 Zodiac 系列全球首发预定活                originally conceived for the American infantry in the '50s. Mr &
                                                     动。Mr&Mrs Italy 的 Zodiac 系列在经典派克大衣         Mrs Italy has enriched it with exclusive furs, while maintaining its
                                                     上再续延伸,个性星座“彩虹”四款派克大衣全                     original shape and details.
                                                     球首次预定。                                    Mr & Mrs Italy brought their new Zodiac Collection to a world
                                                     6月27日 - 7 月 7 日季中折扣火热持续中,店内               premiere booking activity in China World Mall from May 29 to June
                                                     精选商品 5 折起,欢迎莅临选购!                         8. The Zodiac Collection builds on its timeless parka with exclusive
                                                          WB 108 南区地下一层 B1, South Zone,        zodiac rainbow parkas that could be preordered during the activity
                                                           China World Mall                    for the first time in the world. Everything at Mr & Mrs Italy will be
                                                          (86-10) 6505 8806                    50 percent off during the seasonal sale from June 27 to July 7.

           MARYLING:       绽放夏日意式风情,诠释时尚魅力

           MARYLING 生而优雅,打破时尚与艺术的边界,不断赋予时尚更多的可能性。创
           造美感与质感兼具的设计,刻写都市精英女性的每一分魅力。始于 MARYLING 北
           京必威登录店,以“潮汐”为题开启中国大陆 2018 春夏时尚艺术之行。用极富艺术气
           息的新品刻画 MARYLING 的夏日时尚宣言,诠释极简抽象艺术下的意式风情,更
           有热卖单品 85 折等多重惊喜优惠。
                WB116 南区地下一层  B1, South Zone, China World Mall        (86-10) 6505 3035

           MARYLING: SPRING   SUMMER 2018

           Born to be elegant, Maryling breaks the boundaries between fashion and art, constantly
           giving fashion more possibilities. To create a more esthetic and textured design, Maryling
           reinforces the chic charm of the elite urban woman. Maryling is bringing its 2018 Spring/
           Summer Tide fashion show to China World Mall as Maryling interprets Italian style through
           the prism of minimalist abstract art. There are bargains to unlock at the summer sale with
           discounts of up to 15 percent.
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