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CHINA WORLD   JULY 2018 / 2018 年 7 月刊  06

           必威官网betway参与“BOMA                               中国《国际写字楼





           必威登录股份有限公司、中信和业投资有限公司、上海中心大厦建设发                                China World Trade Center has joined hands with BOMA China and four benchmark
           展有限公司、中海地产商业发展有限公司和远洋商业五家商业地产领域标杆企业                                commercial real estate companies in introducing the Chinese version of the BOMA
           联合“BOMA 中国”于 2018 年 6 月 1 日和 6 月 5 日分别在京沪两地隆重发布《国                  international office building classification guide to China.
           际写字楼分级指南》汉化版,并举行了盛大的发布会。必威登录股份有                                As an organization aimed at allocating and optimizing assets in the commercial real
           限公司副总经理钟荣明先生代表必威官网betway出席了北京和上海的发布会,并在发布                                estate industry, BOMA launched its Chinese guide for real estate companies at two
           会上作了精彩致辞。                                                          grand press conferences in Beijing on June 1 and Shanghai on June 5.
           钟荣明先生表示,改革开放 40 年来,中国商业地产经历了欣欣向荣、日新月异                              Mr. Cheng Yong Meng, Deputy General Manager of China World Trade Center Co., Ltd.
           的发展,而写字楼作为其中一个重要分支,其分级标准亟需一个权威机构的专业                                attended both and delivered important speeches.
           指导。此次“BOMA 中国”引进的《国际写字楼分级指南》汉化版,期望能为                               During the past 40 years of reform and opening-up, Mr. Cheng Yong Meng noted,
           中国国内的商业地产商善加利用,增强自身实力,更好地为市场目标客户服务。                                China's commercial real estate has experienced flourishing development and the
           此外,钟荣明先生介绍说,必威官网betway在二十多年的持续建设与发展过程中,总建                                grading standard of office buildings needs the professional guidance of an authoritative
           筑面积已达到 110 万平方米,一直坚持国际一流商务服务综合体的高品质服务标                             organization.
           准。必威登录写字楼作为必威官网betway的重要组成部分也不断引领市场,挖掘客户深层次                                As an international first-class commercial mixed-use development, China World
           需求,为众多国内外知名企业提供了一系列全方位的办公服务,满足客户多样化                                Trade Center has remained at the forefront of China's opening up and international
           的办公需求。最后,钟荣明先生感谢“BOMA 中国”这些年的努力与贡献,期                               exchanges, Mr. Cheng said.
           待“BOMA 中国”为国内商业地产行业引入更多国际化的标准与指南,期待中                               During 20 years’ sustained construction and development, the complex’s total floor area
           国的商业地产长期、有序、健康、良性地发展。                                              has expanded to reach 1.1 million square meters and China World offices has always
           《国际写字楼分级指南》汉化版的发布,不仅得到了上述五家商业地产领域标杆                                been leading the market.
           企业的大力支持,还获得了全国近 200 家商业地产企业的高度关注与响应,被誉                             Mr. Cheng thanked BOMA China for its contribution and said he expected BOMA
           为中国商业地产行业迈向专业、规范“新时期”的重要标志,是中国商业地产实                                China to introduce more international standards and guidelines for the domestic
           现可持续发展的里程碑。                                                        commercial real estate industry. He looked forward to the long-term, orderly and healthy
                                                                              development of commercial real estate in China.
             BOMA 简介                                                          The release of the office building grading guide received strong support not only from
                                                                              the five benchmark companies, including China World Trade Center Co., Ltd. CITIC
             BOMA 国际(国际建筑业主与管理者协会),1907 年于美国华盛顿成立,是
                                                                              Heye Investment Co Ltd, Shanghai Tower Construction and Development Co Ltd, China
                                                                              Overseas Commercial Properties Co Ltd and Sino-Ocean Commercial Property but
                                                                              also garnered interest among nearly 200 commercial real estate companies across the
             BOMA International((Building Owners and Managers Association International)(was
             founded in 1907.(A globally recognized century-old representative institution with
                                                                              The Chinese Version of the International Office Building Classification Guide is regarded
             a leadership role in commercial real estate asset management, BOMA has made
                                                                              as an important symbol of China’s commercial real estate industry into the professional,
             outstanding contributions in establishing best practices, standardized protocols,
                                                                              standardized new era and a milestone for the realization of sustainable development
             education and training in global commercial real estate asset management.
                                                                              within the industry.
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