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CHINA WORLD   AUGUST 2018 / 2018 年 8 月刊  04

             JUNGLE 都市丛林”艺术摄影展

           SANLIPOP 于必威登录北区 JOYCE 店二层推出主题为“都市丛林”的摄影特展,由法
           国艺术策展人 Jeremie Thircuir 策划。将一幅幅摄影作品与植物装置化身一座都市
           非凡体验。“都市丛林”摄影展持续至 8 月 31 日,集合了来自世界各地的 5 位先
           锋艺术家(韩磊、计洲、前田宏、Michael Wolf、Peter Bialotrevski),以摄影呈
                3L102-104 北区一层 L1, North Zone, China World Mall
                (86-10) 8535 1698


           Sanlipop has invited French curator Jeremie Thircuir to present the exhibition Jungle at
           Joyce, recreating a wild forest within the store and featuring photographers Han Lei,
           Ji Zhou, Hiroshi Maeda, Michael Wolf and Peter Bialotrevski. The exhibition lasts until
           August 31, offering an appealing sensual immersive experience but also tackling issues of
           contemporary society from ecological to vernacular culture.

           全新卡地亚仙人掌系列炫目动人                                          长天户外 夏日爆款

           卡地亚早年间开始潜心设计珍贵的花形珠宝,今年推出“卡地亚仙                           您在为夏天的旅行做准备吗?在长天户外挑选
           人掌”系列全新珠宝作品,以优美绚丽、大胆不羁重新诠释花簇绽                           装备超便捷。这家店铺提供包括始祖鸟、巴塔
           放的动人。与经典花卉灵感的概念碰撞,以黄金、绿玉髓、钻石等                           哥尼亚及 Keen 这样的专业的户外品牌,为消费
           名贵材料呈现为手镯、戒指、项链与耳环,为您带来惊艳。                              者提供性能服装、背包和鞋类。
                L103&104 南区三层 L3, South Zone, China World Mall      在这个季节,始祖鸟设计的连帽夹克是极力推荐
                (86-10) 6505 6660                                  的。超轻包装,使其可轻松放入任意尺寸的背包
                                                                   中;20D Tyono 加密织布面料平衡防风性和透气
                                                                   性,防止过热;DWR 处理可阻挡少量降雨。
                                                                   有弹性 , 并且耐水;50+ 紫外线防护系数为长时
                                                                   Keen 的 Uneek 凉鞋也在我们的推荐中。无论
                                                                   是上山下海、还是走街串巷,Uneekde 的统一
                                                                        NL4004&4005 北区四层 L4, North Zone,
                                                                         China World Mall

                                                                   SUMMER HITS OF SKY


                                                                   Preparing for a summer trip? Pick up outdoor gear at Sky Outdoors. This store provides professional
                                                                   outdoor brands including Arc’teryx, Patagonia and Keen, offering performance apparel, backpacks
                                                                   and footwear for shoppers.
                                                                   The hooded Nodin jacket designed by Arc’teryx is highly recommended: It delivers performance in an
                                                                   ultralight package that easily fits into any size pack. The densely woven 20D Tyono fabric balances
                                                                   wind protection with enough air permeability to prevent overheating and a durable water repellent
                                                                   treatment can handle light rain.
           CACTUS DE CARTIER LAUNCH                                Patagonia’s quandary pants are built for adventurers. Crafted with a strong yet lightweight nylon
                                                                   fabric, these pants boast spandex for flexibility and are finished with a durable water repellent that's
           Cartier has launched its Cactus de Cartier jewelry collection, recreating a   resistant to the elements. The UPF 50+ protection offers optimum coverage when you're logging
           beautiful, imaginative and daring blossom. With the new twist on classic   long hours under the sun.
           sources of inspiration, bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings featuring   Keen’s Uneek sandal is also on the list. From beaches to mountains to city streets, the one-of-a-kind
           gold, chrysoprase and diamonds will surprise you.       design of the sandals is made for flexibility and freedom of movement.
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