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CHINA WORLD   AUGUST 2018 / 2018 年 8 月刊  05

           晨曦微明:            CANALI 2018     秋冬系列

           Canali 正受此情景启发,建构 2018 秋冬系列的展示空间。秋冬系列便以光影变
           羊毛混纺 (cashmere-Super 170's wool) 以及纯羊绒上。
           Canali 这一系列服饰,其线条、形状致敬率真的 20 年代美学。单西外套展现前
                L129B 北区一层 L1, North Zone, China World Mall         (86-10) 6505 3190

                                                                              DRIVEPRO:       登月太空人抵达

                                                                              1969 年 7 月 20 日,美国国家航空航天局成功发射阿波罗 11 号火箭,完成人类首
                                                                              Art Studio 手工制作了这款比例为 1:4 的细节完美的登月太空人模型,全球限量
                                                                              500 件,于 drivepro 有售。
                                                                                  3B116 北区地下一层 B1, North Zone, China World Mall

                                                                              Designed by Upoint International, the 1:4 actual size sculptures of an astronaut
                                                                              commemorate one of the greatest moments in human history: July 20, 1969 when
                                                                              NASA successfully landed a man on the moon. Only 500 of these hand-crafted detailed
                                                                              sculptures were made at the studio and some are available at drivepro lifestyle store,
                                                                              China’s distinctive design retailer.

                                                                              米家思        MERCADO     周四
            THE LIGHT OF DAWN: CANALI NEW FALL                                现场爵士乐之夜

            WINTER 2018 COLLECTION                                            四位经验丰富的音乐家,于每周四 22:00

                                                                              在米家思 Mercado 为阁下奉上优雅的现
            The first light gently illuminates a city, silent under cover of morning mist. A man’s gaze   场爵士乐演奏。伴着夜色,让萨克斯风,
            unfolds, undisturbed, over an urban landscape: avenues come to life as the dark of
            night abdicates to colors, shapes and details. It is a moment of awakening, a pageant   风飘荡。美好的周末之旅就此开始。每周
            of chiaroscuro light and shadow that replays in cities across the globe.   四晚,亦有特别 Tiki 鸡尾酒为您奉上。
            This is the inspiration behind the new fall winter 2018 collection that plays on lights,
                                                                                  NL7003 北区七层 L7,
            shadows, contrasts and blends seen at dawn across cities throughout the world.         North Zone, China World Mall
            The collection’s palette transitions between nuances of blue, Bordeaux and green      (86-10) 6500 7579
            in expressions of chiaroscuro that make themselves known only to the most
                                                                              THURSDAY LIVE JAZZ
            attentive eye.
            Singular hues are blended in distinctive textures, sophisticated mélanges, micro-motifs   AT MIGAS MERCADO
            and patterns like herringbone, houndstooth and checks that take shape on fabrics
            created exclusively for Canali: luxurious blends of cashmere-chinchilla, cashmere-mink,   Four experimental musicians bring an
            cashmere-Super 170’s wool and pure cashmere.                      intense and cozy evening of live jazz to
            Shapes and lines evoke modern urban architecture from the rounded 1920s-inspired   Migas Mercado 10 pm every Thursday. Grab
            silhouettes of the suits to ultralight blazers.                   a cocktail, soak up the view and unwind to
            Accessories are also tinged with essentiality, extremely soft and lightweight carryalls   the sultry sounds of the saxophone, drums,
            are made from a leather whose grain creates natural shadows in another play on the   piano and contrabass. Tiki special cocktails
            chiaroscuro that reverberates throughout the collection.          are also offered on Thursdays.
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