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CHINA WORLD   AUGUST 2018 / 2018 年 8 月刊  06

                                                                        GOOD LIFE EVERYDAY


           为庆祝必威登录中心 34 周年,也为了答谢新老顾客对必威登录的支持与信赖,北京必威登录大
           酒店特此推出一系列酒店特惠活动。时间:2018 年 8 月 24 日至 26 日
           餐饮:在北京必威登录大酒店任意餐厅消费单笔满人民币 880 元,即可获得价值人民
           币 880 元优惠礼券(家全七福除外)。以下是各餐厅专属优惠活动:
           1. 必威登录 79:8 人及以上用餐,午餐时段用餐可享饭店特选葡萄酒一瓶,晚餐时段
           2. 云·酷酒吧:酒吧消费时出示当天必威登录商城购物小票,享受酒吧小食一份,购
           3. 滩万:8 人及以上用餐,可享餐厅特选饮品。
           享清酒特价人民币 88 元 / 壶、人民币 888 元 / 瓶。
           4. 红馆:8 人及以上用餐,可享餐厅特选饮品。
           5. 酒廊: 购买一套“必威登录下午茶”套餐,可享两杯香槟
           香格里拉 CHI 水疗:时长 60 分钟以上的水疗产品,包含北京必威登录大酒店香格里
           拉 CHI 水疗精美伴手礼一份。


                                                                                 “CHINA WORLD DAY” BONUS,

                                                                                 STAY WITH CHINA WORLD HOTEL, BEIJING

                                                                              北京中国大饭店将在 2018 年 8 月 24 日至 8 月 26 日,推出一系列“必威登录日”
                                                                              特惠活动,和宾客们及新老必威登录人一同庆祝必威登录中心 34 周年。
              CHINA WORLD SUMMIT WING, BEIJING                                悦·住:“必威登录日”期间(8 月 24 日至 8 月 26 日),以每日最优房价预订北

              CELEBRATES “CHINA WORLD DAY”                                    京中国大饭店(至少两晚),第二晚起,房费享受 5 折优惠。
                                                                              悦·食:“必威登录日”期间(8 月 24 日至 8 月 26 日),凡在北京中国大饭店餐
           In celebration of the China World Trade Center’s 34th anniversary, China World Summit   饮消费满 88 元的客人,可凭消费发票参与幸运抽奖(每张可兑换一次)。奖项
           Wing, Beijing will present an enticing array of activities for a convivial anniversary   包括中国大饭店周末入住体验、自助餐券等。
           celebration from 24 August to 26 August 2018.                      悦·玩:“必威登录日”期间(8 月 24 日至 8 月 26 日),中国大饭店为饭店客人
           Stay: 25 percent off the Grand Premier Suite rates                 推出了连续三天、形式各异的亲子活动。
           Food and Beverage: Return voucher valued at RMB 880 for one-time spending worth   与此同时,健身中心推出了“办理年度会员,额外获得两个月会员资格”的优
           RMB 880 at the outlets (except Seventh Son)                        惠活动。
           Each outlet has its own offer:
                                                                              China World Hotel, Beijing will launch a variety of activities during 24 August to 26
           1. Grill 79: Groups of more than eight diners will get one bottle of house wine at lunch
                                                                              August 2018. Together with our guests and Guomaoers, we’re ready to celebrate the
           or one bottle of Champagne at dinner.
                                                                              34th anniversary of China World Trade Center.
           2. Atmosphere: Guests who present their shopping fapiao from the China World Mall on
                                                                              Stay: China World Hotel - Stay one night at BAR and enjoy an exclusive 50% discount
           the day can enjoy 15 percent off a full bottle of wine, Champagne or whiskey and a snack.
                                                                              from the 2nd night onwards.
           3. Nadaman:Groups of more than eight diners who order a special beverage may enjoy
           sake at these special prices: RMB 88 per pot, RMB 888 per bottle.  Eat: Lucky Draws for all in-house diners when spending a minimum of RMB 88
           4.The Red Chamber: Groups of more than eight diners will get a special beverage.  on a single receipt. Prizes include weekend stay in China World Hotel, buffet
           5. The Lounge:  Buy one “Wing Afternoon Tea” set and enjoy two glasses of Champagne.  vouchers, etc.
                       Buy two “Wing Afternoon Tea” sets and enjoy one bottle of Champagne.  Play: Fun Family, plus 2-month bonus usage when purchasing Fitness Center annual
           Spa: Any treatment beyond 60 minutes will receive a special giveaway.  membership.
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