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CHINA WORLD   OCTOBER 2018 / 2018 年 10 月刊  03



                                       CHINA WORLD DAY,

                      GOOD MEMORIES EVERYDAY

           最具吸引力的莫过于必威登录商城秋季购物返礼与多倍积分活动。从 3 倍到 10 倍积分,
           从满额得便携包到赠 8000 元商城电子礼金券,均让会员倍享优惠。百家店铺准备
           必威登录日首发活动——必威登录多美嘉年华为暑假添色。 1000 辆被誉为“男人第一辆小
           汽车”的多美卡珍藏玩具汽车模型齐刷刷亮相,规模空前;妙趣横生的 T 君见面会、
           多美卡大讲堂、拼装大 PK 以及交通知识小学堂,不但吸引了小朋友蜂拥而至,年

                                                                                                   The series of campaign themed Good Life Everyday in the
                                                                                                   past weeks brought unforgettable memories to customers.
                                                                                                   The most attractive event was sure to be the rewarding
                                                                                                   programs launched by China World Mall. Members of the
                                                                                                   mall enjoyed triple to ten folds of reward points. Customers
                                                                                                   also appreciated the electronic coupons. About 100 stores
                                                                                                   provided exclusive collections and tea breaks.
                                                                                                   TOMICA@China World was a brilliant debut and
                                                                              ending during the summer vacation as 1,000 TOMICA toy car models, creating an
                                                                              unprecedented scene. The interactions, trainings, the competition and classes attracted
                                                                              many children and were popular to young car fans.
                                                                              China World Woodstock Desserts Festival provided a big surprise. It gathered together
                                                                              about 100 brands and contained dessert paradise, interactive games and experiencing
                                                                              zone. Visitors enjoyed the delicacies, experience art and fashion in China World Garden.
                                                                              Coffee Carnival by China World International Exhibition, the Qartet Performance by
                                                                              China World Summit Wing, the bazaar market at China World Hotel Beijing, the delicacy
                                                                              festival at Hotel Jen Beijing and Carnival On Ice at Le Cool Ice Rink left great impression
                                                                              to the customers.
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