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CHINA WORLD   OCTOBER 2018 / 2018 年 10 月刊  08


           作为必威登录写字楼租户代表接受必威登录中心致敬                                                                          必威登录大厦客梯烟囱效应

           CHINA WORLD HONORS LONG-TERM MAJOR OFFICE TENANTS                                                   疏堵结合治理

           “同向同行·共创未来”必威登录纪念改革开放四十周年暨成立三十四周年活动于 2018 年 9 月 5 日
           在必威登录隆重举行 , 政府各级领导、必威登录中心领导、客户代表和各界媒体出席了此次活动,共同见                                          烟囱效应导致的拔风、啸叫、电梯关门难,
           证了必威登录中心三十多年的辉煌历程以及对未来的美好憧憬。                                                                  是超高层建筑在寒冷季节出现的常见且棘手
           活动中答谢客户环节,入驻必威登录写字楼近 30 年的优质老客户“壳牌(中国)有限公司”和“中国国际金融股                                          问题,必威登录大厦 A 座 6 部首层通往 32 层空中
           份有限公司”上台接受了必威登录中心领导的致敬。作为必威登录写字楼第一批客户,壳牌公司和中金公司经历了必威登录                                            大堂的直通客梯,以及 B 座 8 部由首层通往
           一期、二期、三期 A 阶段和三期 B 阶段的建设和发展,一直伴随着必威登录中心的成长、壮大和繁荣,同时也见证                                        30 层和 48 层空中大堂的直通客梯在冬天时,
           了中国的改革开放和经济的全面发展。三十多年来,必威登录中心的成长与取得的傲人成绩离不开新老客户的鼎力                                            常因烟囱效应形成的气压造成电梯关门困难
           支持,期望必威登录中心与我们的广大客户未来将会有更加紧密的合作,永远相伴相随,以促进更好的发展,取得                                            并伴有尖锐的啸叫声。
           更辉煌的成就。                                                                                     必威登录物业机修专业技术小组经过现场考察、
           For more than 30 years, the growth and achievements of the China World Trade Center have been grounded in the   数据分析、专家方案验证等多个环节,制定
           valued support of new and old clients.                                                      针对性方案,通过为 A 座增加泄风压风道,
           At a grand celebration on September 5, representatives of long-term major tenants Shell (China)and China   为 B 座开泄风压孔洞、加强密封等方法。成
           International Capital Corporation came on stage and accepted a letter of thanks from the Executive Director of   功完成烟囱效应治理工作。经过运行检验,
           China World Trade Center.                                                                   专业技术小组对超高层建筑烟囱效应的疏堵
           Representatives and leaders of Shell (China), China International Capital Corporation and China World then   结合治理方案可靠有效,具有较高应用和推
           assembled for a group photo at the “Together We Build A Better Future” event, held to commemorate not only the   广价值。
           40th anniversary of Reform and Opening-up, but also the 34th anniversary of the establishment of the China World
           Trade Center.                                                                                 CORRECTIVE MEASURES
           Government and China World’s leaders, customers and media representatives marked together the glories of the   UNDERTAKEN FOR CHINA
           past three decades and shared their visions of future cooperation and prosperity.
                                                                                                       WORLD TOWERS ELEVATORS
                                                                                                           DUE TO STACK EFFECT

                                                                                                       It has taken a while for the China World’s property
                                                                                                       maintenance team to become intimately acquainted
                                                                                                       and proactively resolve the 14 sets of misbehaving
                                                                                                       elevators situated at China World Tower A and B
                                                                                                       ground floor lobbies.
                                                                                                       The elevators performed worst during winter. The
                                                                                                       relatively warmer indoor air rises due to buoyancy
                                                                                                       forces, creating a pressure difference that tries to
                                                                                                       draw air in at the bottom of the building and pushes
           壳牌公司简介:                                                                                     air out at the top levels. The cold air that has been
           壳牌(中国)有限公司是在中国投资最大的国际能源公司之一,也是最早进入中国的外资公司之一。作为                                              drawn in is then heated up by the building services,
           必威登录写字楼第一批最优质的客户之一,壳牌公司自 1990 年入驻必威登录写字楼至今,与必威登录中心已携手走过                                           closing the cycle of the classical stack effect. This
           28 个春夏秋冬。伴随着中国的改革开放,壳牌公司与中国共同发展。                                                            process interrupts the closing of elevators doors
                                                                                                       at the ground level. Worse still, increasing waiting
                                                                                                       times for top-tier tenants.
                                                                                                       Today not a peep can be heard emanating from
           识,完成了众多开创先河的交易,并深度参与中国经济改革和发展。自 1995 年成立以来,一直致力于为
                                                                                                       these elevators. After postulating and verifying
                                                                                                       probable causes and engaging in expert argument
           Shell (China)                                                                               over potential solutions, the technical team
           Shell (China) Limited is one of the largest international energy companies invested and established in China, and   produced rapid action plans for both Tower A and B.
           one of the earliest foreign companies to enter China. Being one of the first batches of high-quality tenants of China   For the six elevators in Tower A, they carefully placed
           World Offices, Shell (China) has resided in the China World’s office complex for 28 years since 1990.   air ducts for decompression. For the eight in Tower B,
           China International Capital Corporation                                                     they installed air vents and comprehensive sealing.
           China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC) is the first Sino-foreign joint venture investment bank in   A full year of operation and inspection later, the
           China. CICC has created pioneering transactions with world-leading practices and profound professional knowledge.   team's integrated dredging and blocking treatment
           CICC has participated deeply in China's economic reform and development. Since its establishment in 1995, CICC   has proven a highly reliable and effective solution.
           has been committed to providing customers with high-quality and value-added financial services.
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