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          China WorldNov 2018 2018   11月刊

             A monthly bulletin bringing you all the latest China World Trade Center news and information   每月带给您必威登录的最新讯息

                                              奇妙时光 创享必威登录

                                                ENJOYABLE WORLD

                 “米奇 90 周年”堪称 2018 年迪士尼全球压轴大戏。必威登录商城                    Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday is Disney’s No.1 global campaign in 2018. China World
                 作为米奇 90 周年北京独家合作方,将为陪伴米奇成长的几代人                       Mall is authorized as the sole Beijing partner to host this unique celebration this festival
                 带来难忘的回忆。梦剧场、光影廊、创意坊、好物站、光空间……                        season. We’ll bring you all the best memories accompanied by Mickey through the
                 奇妙时光,创享必威登录!                                           decades with Dream Theater, Memory Gallery, Wonder Lab, Fun Popup and Light Garden.
                                                                      Magical moments, enjoyable world.
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