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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2018 / 2018 年 11 月刊  10


                                      INFINITY POOL

           位于北京必威登录大酒店 78 层的健身中心拥有设施完善的健身房及 25 米室内超大温控游泳
           The Health Club on level 78 of China World Summit Wing, Beijing creates a city-centre
           lifestyle sanctuary with unrivalled views of the capital below. The Health Club features a
           collection of thermal suites designed to take guests on a “wet-and-dry, warm-and-cold-
           temperature journey”. The water in the pool is sterilised with electrolysed salt to minimise
           damage to the skin and hair. There are manual massage chairs in the pool, where guests can
           lie flat and relax. Equipped with an underwater music system, the swimming pool can be
           enjoyed to the beat of music.
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