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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2018 / 2018 年 11 月刊  12

                K20 —— 感恩节要一起过                                                     TOGETHER WE CELEBRATE

                                                                                          THANKSGIVING IN K20

           孩子们在香格里拉收获的不仅有欢乐还有内在能力的提升。我们为 4 到 12 岁不同
           每一位加入“K20 香格里拉快乐成长计划”的孩子发现生活之美,享受生活乐趣,
           成为一位“小小生活家”。我们相信,占中国总人口 20% 的孩子们,将会是我们
           100% 的未来。
           K20 感恩节活动课程新鲜出炉:“小小礼宾员”、“迷你网球俱乐部”、环保造
           活动具体详情及报名注册请联系下方微信:   (86)130 0101 1510

                                                                              This program offers a happy experience that cultivates independence and self-
                                                                              confidence, as well brings a fun holiday with activities that inspire life skills. Your
                                                                              children will not only experience joy, but also improve their capabilities after taking
                                                                              part in the activities Shangri-La has prepared for them. We have created a series of
                                                                              live experiences and interactive activities on life skills for children aged between 4
                                                                              and 12 years old. With the warm and caring company of their “partner teacher”,
                                                                              they will immerse into this joyous atmosphere and explore their potentials quickly.
                                                                              Every child who participates in K20 will discover the beauty of life and appreciate
                                                                              the daily pleasures to become a “Little Living Expert”. We believe that children, who
                                                                              make up 20 per cent of China’s population, will be 100 percent of our future.

                                                                              Here comes the upcoming K20 Thanksgiving themed activities: Little Concierge,
                                                                              Mini Tennis Club, Children Fashion Show, Little Chef—Making Pizza…

                                                                              For further information, please contact our WeChat below:
                                                                                  (86)130 0101 1510
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