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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2018 / 2018 年 11 月刊  16

              岁末狂欢 嗨起来!

              LET'S PARTY WITH JEN!


                                                                              为加强租户与公寓联系,密切租户与公寓感情,9 月 15 日,世纪公寓租户一行 30
                                                                              人来到位于北京近郊的中国园林博物馆,观光游览 2 个多小时,博大精深的中国
                                                                              CENTURY TOWERS TENANTS ENJOY FALL

           新年将至,新必威登录饭店带你玩转潮流派对,尽享岁末狂欢。坐拥京城繁华 CBD 核                             GARDEN TOUR
           工作玩乐理念。在这里不仅能够饱览现代化都市美景,感受时尚活力气息,还可                                Thirty Century Towers tenants visited the Museum of Chinese Gardens and Landscape
           以挑战新颖空间布局和五花八门的奇思妙想,新必威登录饭店的场地可以为各种形式                                Architecture at the foot of Yingshan Mountain in Fengtai District on September 15.
           的聚会助一臂之力。                                                          The two-hour fall tour was organized by China World Century Towers to strengthen
           位于新必威登录饭店三层约 378 平米的 DIY 多功能会议室为开展主题活动或创意活动                          relations with tenants and ended with a delicious lunch.
           提供灵感空间。无论是 30 人的小聚会,还是 150 人的大派对,都可以随心随意的                          Participants praised the national museum, the first of its kind in China, and the China
           创造坐席组合,尝试一切富有创意的活动构想。今年,新必威登录饭店准备了四款不                                World activity for enhancing communications. They expressed hope for similar activities
           同内容的玩乐套餐,包含不同餐饮组合及各项福利,每桌 3880 元起。                                 to be organized in coming years.
           加入热闹非凡的狂欢庆典。岁末年初,与 Jen 一起嗨起来!
                (86 10) 6505 2277 – 6809

                                                                              感恩有你 必威登录世纪公寓感恩节特惠

                                                                              每年 11 月的第四个星期四是西方传统节日感恩节,虽然是外国节日,但知恩、感
           As New Year's Day approaches, Hotel Jen Beijing brings you a trendy party where you can   恩也是中华民族的传统美德,每个人都应该拥有一颗感恩的心。为表达对客户的感
           enjoy the end of the festive season.                               恩之情,必威登录世纪公寓在 2018.11.20-2018.11.25 推出为期五天的特价活动,凡
           Hotel Jen Beijing is a new landmark in the heart of the city's bustling centre, breaking out   在此期间入住必威登录世纪公寓的必威登录中心客户均可以享受 680 元 / 天的优惠价。时时
           from a dull and uninteresting hotel experience and creating a creative new work-and-  拥有感恩之心,用实际行动表达感恩,给生活增添更多有爱的正能量,是必威登录世纪
           play concept for guests.  Not only can you enjoy modern city views and feel the vitality   公寓一直以来秉承的理念,优惠活动即为一种感恩方式,必威登录世纪公寓希望在今年
           of fashion, but also challenge the new space layout and a variety of fantastic ideas.  The   的感恩节里,通过特价活动给大家送上一种无与伦比的感恩贺礼。
           hotel's annual meeting venues can accommodate all kinds of parties.  THANKSGIVING DAY SPECIAL OFFER
           The DIY multi-function meeting room, located on the third floor of Hotel Jen Beijing,
           offers inspiration for themed or creative events.  Whether it's a small party for 30 people   Century Towers is celebrating the American Thanksgiving holiday with a gift for everyone this
           or a big party for 150 people, you can create a seating mix at your whim and try out all   year. Canadian Thanksgiving was marked on October 8, while the US celebrates its popular
           your creative ideas.  This year, Hotel Jen Beijing is preparing four kinds of play packages   holiday on the fourth Thursday of November every year. Although an American festival,
           featuring different settings, services and food-and-beverage combinations and benefits,   gratitude is also a traditional virtue of the Chinese people and to express gratitude to all its
           starting at from RMB 3,880 per table.                              customers, Century Towers has launched a five-day special Thanksgiving offer. Customers who
           Get together with like-minded partners at Hotel Jen Beijing to share a relaxing social   check in at Century Towers November 20-25 can enjoy a special room at 680 yuan a day.
           connection or join in a lively festive celebration. At the end of the year, get up with Jen!     (86-10) 6779 8030 / 6779 8035
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