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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2018 / 2018 年 11 月刊  09


           9 月 22 日,北京必威登录大酒店联手悦游杂志打造云端调酒沙龙活动,在位于酒店
           80 层的云·酷酒吧,一边饱览北京的秋色,一边跟着首席调酒师 Dicky Hartono
           本次活动 Dicky Hartono 带领现场学员制作三杯饮品:经典鸡尾酒莫吉托、威士
           忌酸及悦游特调 Always Holiday。看似简单的调酒步骤,实际操作起来处处都有
           吧台里面过了把瘾,DIY 出品鸡尾酒个性十足。
           来自印度尼西亚的 Dicky Hartono 先生是云·酷酒吧首席调酒师,其调酒职业生
           涯始于 2009 年,先后担任上海浦东香格里拉大酒店 The Exchange 餐吧和翡翠
           36 酒吧的服务经理,并曾多次参加业内比赛:2012 年获得“阿曼国家酒店管理
           学院无酒精鸡尾酒”冠军,2013 年入围“时代啤酒世界生啤大师赛”中东地区决赛,
           2014 年获得“Stanislav Vadrna 模拟酒吧经营研究协会”证书,2015 年荣膺“帝
           亚吉欧世界调酒师大赛”中东区决赛第四名,2016 年荣膺“帝亚吉欧世界调酒
                                                                              BARTENDING SALON

                                                                              On 22 September 2018, China World Summit Wing, Beijing held a bartending salon
                                                                              event in co-operation with Conde Nast Traveler at Atmosphere Bar on the hotel’s
                                                                              80th floor. Guests learnt bartending skills and made their own signature cocktail from
                                                                              Dicky Hartono, head bartender of Atmosphere.
                                                                              Dicky taught three cocktails at the event: Mojito, Whiskey Sour and the Conde Nast
                                                                              Traveler special, Always Holiday.
                                                                              Bartending was not as simple as people thought. Each step – like the proportion of
                                                                              different ingredients and ways of handling each ingredient – could affect the taste
                                                                              of the drink. After the bartending class, guests were divided into groups and created
                                                                              their own signature cocktails. Some of them really enjoyed bartending from the bar
                                                                              Dicky, originally from Indonesia, is no stranger to Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts.
                                                                              Before joining Atmosphere, he was the service manager of The Exchange Bar and
                                                                              Grill and Jade on 36 Bar at Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai. In 2009, he started
                                                                              his bartending career at Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa, Sultanate of Oman,
                                                                              where he spent a combined period of six years.
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