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                                                                             BOXING AT TRAINYARD!

           和拳击运动爱好者提供拳击训练和健身训练。在炼·工场,教练 Jerson 和扎


           拳击教练 Jerson 曾在 Elorde Boxing Gym 和菲律宾 Prize Fighter Gym 担任泰拳
           与拳击教练。作为一名职业拳击手,他参加过 6 次拳击比赛,7 次综合格斗赛和
           37 次泰拳比赛。获得全能现实格斗锦标赛(URCC)轻量级冠军、2009 巅峰战场
                                                                              Trainyard Boxing Studio offers boxing and fitness training for professional fighters,
           Battlefield X1 级别泰拳冠军、2008WKL 菲律宾泰拳冠军、2009WMA 国际泰拳协
                                                                              amateur fighters, sports enthusiasts and anyone who'd like to get in shape. Coaches
                                                                              Jerson and Zhaka hold classes in Western boxing and muay Thai, sparring and a boxing-
           拳击教练扎卡 学习、训练和参加职业拳击比赛 20 余年,曾在菲律宾、泰国、俄罗
                                                                              inspired fitness boot camp.
           斯、美国等国家训练和参赛。获得职业拳击教练、WBO 世界拳击组织裁判证书、
                                                                              Trainyard’s boxing area is stocked with a boxing ring, speed bags, double-end bags and
                                                                              aqua training bags, and functional fitness workout equipment. Trainyard boxing studio
           在炼·工场,你不仅可以练习拳击,还会认识一群志同道合的朋友,追求更积极                                classes take place seven days a week, meaning, there are classes to fit anyone’s schedule.
           向上的生活方式。这里属于所有人,既可在我们专业团队的指导下体会拳击的魅力,                              MEET THE COACHES
           也可以学习健身新技能,保持完美体形。                                                 Coach Jerson 'Salleng' Estoro was a boxing and muay Thai coach at the legendary
           现在就加入                                                              Elorde Boxing Gym and Philippine Prize-fighter Gym. Jerson has six boxing competitions,
           无论你是否是炼·工场的会员,都可以报名参加我们的拳击课程,并欢迎在课程                                seven MMA fights and thirty-seven muay Thai fights to his name. His titles and awards
           前后享用炼·工场的健身设施和更衣室,包括我们的漩流浴、蒸汽室和桑拿室,                                include URCC Bantamweight champion; International Muay Thai champion, Battlefield
           以及约 25 米的室内游泳池。                                                    X1, 2009; and Philippine Muay Thai Champion, WKL, 2008. He was also ranked
                                                                              number one by the World Muay Thai Association, WMA, 2009.
                    金卡 Gold Membership Pricing                                Coach Zhaka has been training, teaching and participating in professional boxing
                       半年  6 months     CNY9,888                              competitions for more than 20 years. His work has taken him to the Philippines,
                       一年  12 months    CNY16,888                             Thailand, Russia and the United States. A professional boxing coach, his titles and
                       双年  24 months    CNY29,888                             awards include a WBO (World Boxing Organization) referee certificate and Progress

                                                                              Award of Excellence from China Sports Public Welfare.
                    拳击团课计次卡 Boxing Punch Card
                                                                              At Trainyard, you’re not just training hard. You’re building a community of people
                    10 次拳击课计次卡 1,800 元 /45 天有效
                                                                              committed to improving themselves and becoming a part of a highly active lifestyle. It’s a
                    10-time-use boxing punch card, CNY1,800, 45-day validity
                                                                              place for anyone, whether training to compete on a fight team or looking to learn some
                    30 次拳击课计次卡 4,200 元 /90 天有效                                new skills and get in shape.
                    30-time-use boxing punch card, CNY4,200, 90-day validity  PRICING INFO
                    快来炼·工场感受拳击魅力吧!                                            Classes are open to both Trainyard members and non-members. Boxing classes will use
                    Train Tough at Trainyard.                                 a punch-card system. Before and after class, students are a welcome to use Trainyard’s
                                                                              gym and locker-room facilities, including our jacuzzis, steam rooms and saunas, and
                         (86-10) 65052277 - 7000                              about 25-metre indoor swimming pool.
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