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          China WorldJan 2019 2019   1月刊

             A monthly bulletin bringing you all the latest China World Trade Center news and information   每月带给您必威登录的最新讯息


                                                                    CHINA WORLD HOTEL, BEIJING

                                                                                      – AN ICON REDEFINED

           经过历时三年的重装升级工程,2019 年中国大饭店以全新面貌瞩目
           重装升级全部工程于 2016 年前期开始,并于 2018 年底竣工。酒店
           套房,每一间都可欣赏到 CBD 的摩登楼宇或川流不息的东三环街景,

                                                                            After a three-year upgrading project, China World Hotel, Beijing is unveiling its new look
                                                                            in 2019.
                                                                            Horizon Guest Rooms Present New Appearance
                                                                            The renovation project started in early 2016 and was completed end of 2018. The existing
                                                                            rooms and suites have been refurbished and enhanced. Each of the upgraded luxurious
                                                                            rooms and suites enjoy vistas of either the modern buildings in the CBD or the street view of
                                                                            the third ring road, feeling the pulse of the area.
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