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CHINA WORLD   JANUARY 2019 / 2019 年 1 月刊  12

           灵动回归                                                               巧克力火锅 甜蜜整个冬季

           GAMMA 乐队音“悦”云·酷酒吧                                                  寒冷的冬季来临,北京必威登录大酒店 80 层酒廊推出节日限定巧克力火锅,让您在城
           LIVE BAND GAMMA IS BACK                                            不同于普通意义上的火锅,没有翻滚的热汤热油,而是浓郁的热巧克力作“汤底”。
           2018 年 12 月,Gamma 乐队重磅回归北京必威登录大酒店云·酷酒吧,熟悉的歌声                         一套巧克力火锅价格为人民币 388 元人民,适合两人享用。
           慵懒而灵动,生活的节奏在这里稍稍放缓。                                                     (86-10) 8571 6459         bjcwsw
           Gamma 是一支流行摇滚乐队,5 名成员分别来自南美、欧洲以及加拿大。成军
                                                                              KEEP WARM THIS WINTER WITH A FESTIVE HOT
           4 年,他们已经在中国各地以及其他亚洲城市演出。此次回归,他们将带来 B.B.
           King 的 The Thrill is Gone,Lady Gaga 的 Million Reasons 等更加精彩的表演,
           用音乐开启迷幻之夜。                                                         CHOCOLATE FONDUE
           必威登录大酒店云·酷酒吧因其颇具现代气息的风格将成为北京必威登录大酒店娱乐休闲                                With temperatures getting colder and the nights drawing in, warm up from the inside
           的亮点之一。云·酷位于必威登录大酒店 80 层,它不仅是追求品质生活人士的乐土、                             out with China World Summit Wing, Beijing’s limited edition festive hot chocolate
           更是饱览紫禁城雄壮景致的立足点。云·酷酒吧彰显出的优雅与欧式调酒艺术相                                fondue, served at The Lounge. Perched high above the city, sit back and enjoy
           得益彰,充满激情与活力的现场乐队及专业服务水准,将为北京的夜生活注入全                                spectacular views without the winter chill.
           新活力,在新高度上点亮北京的夜空。                                                  Unlike that other popular winter dish, hot pot, instead of a base of bubbling soup the
                                                                              fondue is made of thick, sweet melted chocolate. The fondue comes with a variety
                                                                              of accompaniments for dipping, including freshly-cut fruit, marshmallows, macarons,
                                                                              madeleines, choux pastry puffs, and chocolate chip cookies. It is also served with small
                                                                              scoops of ice cream to create a fun temperature contrast.
                                                                              The festive hot chocolate fondue is priced at RMB 388 per set (serves two).

           Coming from South America-Europe-Canada, GAMMA is a modern Pop-Rock
           band saturated in music, show and performance. With more than 4 years working
           all around China and part of Asia, GAMMA has collected a huge Repertory and
           preference of the Asian.
           This province-hopping band has rocked more Chinese residencies than any other
           group, settling in Qingdao, Guangzhou, and Chengdu. So it’s fair to say Gamma has
           earned its view, overlooking Beijing from the posh 80th-floor Atmosphere lounge of
           China World Summit Wing. A recent set featured a blistering jam of B.B. King’s “The
           Thrill is Gone”, and took Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons” on a psychedelic trip.
           Located on the 80th floor of China World Tower, Atmosphere is the beacon of style
           for the discerning jet set who appreciates the finer things in life while unwinding
           and relaxing. Set amidst the dramatic backdrop of Beijing’s gleaming skyline, with
           views offering glimpses of the rooftops of the Forbidden City, Atmosphere exudes
           a sense of elegance that complements the artistry of European-style drinks mixing.
           The distinguished tradition of bartending is rejuvenated by Atmosphere’s vibrant live
           musical entertainment and a team of passionate bar professionals devoted to the art
           of pleasure.
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