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CHINA WORLD   JANUARY 2019 / 2019 年 1 月刊  13

           年末齐聚一堂!                                                            Our local buffet restaurant San Wu Tang is all about the flavorful dishes from Beijing to all

                                                                              over the Asia. With stunning and sunny views of Beijing’s CBD, it’s also the perfect place to
           三五堂三款年末套餐选你所享                                                      host your end-of-year party this season. To help you create the perfect holiday party, we’ve

                                                                              put together three special menus your guests will love.
           END-OF-YEAR PARTY PACKAGES                                         Great Basics / RMB 228 per person, minimum 12 people

                                                                              Our beautiful buffet is one of the best parts about San Wu Tang, and with our Great
           AT SAN WU TANG                                                     Basics package, guests will enjoy the full buffet experience with all signature dishes and an
                                                                              additional set menu festive dishes including Hot & Spicy Sea Cucumber Soup (1 each per

           春节的脚步愈来愈近,是时候邀三五好友齐聚一堂了!今年,三五堂推出三款年末                               person), “King Tiger Prawn” with Supreme Soy Sauce, Garlic & Glass Noodles with Giant
           套餐任你所享,在美食、美酒、阳光和都市美景的陪伴下,与朋友们享用丰富多彩                               Scallop, Grilled Australian Steak Fillet & Inner Mongolian Lamb Chop (Minimum 12 people,
           的自助大餐的同时还有三款额外套餐任你选择!                                              including decorations).
           汇聚三五堂经典美食的齐聚一堂套餐,每位净价 228 元,12 人起订,包含丰富的                           Big Happiness / RMB 338 per person, minimum 12 people
           自助美食,以及我们专门为你精心准备的霸王虾、扇贝、海参、澳洲牛排和内蒙古                               For finer palates, opt for the Big Happiness package where guests can enjoy San Wu Tang’s
           羊排等节日菜品。除此之外,还有桌面装饰任你选择。                                           buffet and on top get a menu of dishes from Wok Fired Boston Lobster with Ginger and
           包含三五堂创新美食的幸福满满套餐,每位净价 338 元,12 人起订,除了可以享                           Onion, Braised Dalian Abalone with supreme Soy Sauce Sea Cucumber with Millet (1 each
           用三五堂自助餐外,还可享用套餐专属的波士顿龙虾、大连鲍、小米辽参(每人一                               per person), Grilled Australian Steak & Inner Mongolian Lamb Chop, Mango & Pomelo Sago
           份)、杨枝甘露(每人一份)等等。当然,同样有桌面装饰任你选择!                                    (1 each per person) and many more (Minimum 12 people, including decorations).
           三五堂的乐享团圆豪华聚会套餐,每位净价 488 元,12 人起订,包括个人菜品和                           Deluxe Reunion / RMB 488 per person, minimum 12 people
           分享菜品,非常适合与朋友和家人聚会。你不仅可以任享三五堂的所有自助美食,                               For more formal get-togethers, San Wu Tang also has you covered with our Deluxe Reunion
           还有单人菜品和分享菜品等你来大快朵颐。单人菜品包含刺身拼盘、秘制鲍鱼汤、                               package which all guests can sit together at one long table. With big plates for sharing,
           葱姜波士顿龙虾和小米辽参,分享套餐包含三五堂猪蹄、孜然烤羊排、黑椒牛柳、                               and individual menus so that everyone gets exactly what they want, this package is ideal
           清蒸鲑鱼、龙虾金枪鱼煎饼、兰花饭、老北京甜品拼盘等等,除此之外,乐享团圆                               for parties with friends and family. Menu highlights Chef Jenny’s Lobster and Tuna Pancake,
           套餐更包含 2 小时啤酒、红酒、软饮及冰果汁畅饮!                                          Chicken Soup with Abalone and Wok Fired Boston Lobster; including 2 hours free flow
                                                                              of craft beer, house wine, soft drinks and chilled juice. Individual Menu contains Sashimi
                                                                              Platter, Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Abalone, Wok Fired Boston Lobster with Ginger &
                                                                              Onion, Sea Cucumber with Millet and Sharing Menu with Braised Pork Feet with Supreme
                                                                              Soy Sauce, Grilled Inner Mongolia Lamb Rack with Cumin, Black Pepper Beef Ribs with
                                                                              Capsicum, Steamed Mandarin Fish with Cantonese Style, Chef Jenny “Lobster & Tuna Pan
                                                                              Cake”, “Nasi Kerabu”and Beijing Dessert: Deep-fried Chinese Doughnut, Red Sugar Pastries,
                                                                              Fruit Platter.
                                                                              DRINK PACKAGES
                                                                              San Wu Tang also has an excellent wine list and craft beers from Beersmith to make your
                                                                              holiday toasts extra special.
           除了上述三款套餐,年末聚会怎能少得了美酒相伴!三五堂贴心地为你准备美酒套                               FREE FLOW OF CRAFT BEER, SOFT DRINKS AND CHILLED JUICE
           餐,精酿啤酒、店选葡萄酒、果汁及软饮,多种选择让你的聚会不再单调!                                  100 RMB / 1 HOUR / PERSON, 150 RMB / 2 HOURS / PERSON
           啤酒、软饮及冰果汁畅饮 100 RMB/1 小时 / 人、150 RMB/2 小时 / 人                      FREE FLOW OF CRAFT BEER AND HOUSE WINE, SOFT DRINKS AND CHILLED JUICE
           啤酒、红酒、软饮及冰果汁畅饮 300 RMB/1 小时 / 人、230 RMB/2 小时 / 人                   130 RMB / 1 HOUR / PERSON, 230 RMB / 2 HOURS / PERSON
           三五堂年末套餐让美食津津有味,让美酒杯杯乐享!这个年末,带着亲朋还有一起                               Our beautiful buffet is one of the best parts about San Wu Tang, including Sushi, Sashimi,
           享受三五堂饕餮盛宴吧!                                                        Lamb, Steak, Baked Salmon etc. Come and enjoy!
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