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CHINA WORLD   FEBRUARY 2019 / 2019 年 2 月刊  12


                                                                            LET’S POST THE “HAPPINESS

                                                                            CALORIES” ON VALENTINE’S DAY

                                                                          Love is like sugar, a fat catalyst in sweetness. The real sense of security from lovers has
                                                                          made “Happiness makes lovers fat” a scientific endorsement. This year, on Valentine’s Day,
                                                                          China World Hotel, Beijing has prepared a full range of “Happiness Calories” for people
                                                                          celebrating love.
             “喂”她(他)浪漫双人宴 @ 阿丽雅                                         你侬我侬 @ 咖啡苑
             西班牙主厨 Maiker Valdivia 为情人节之夜精心准备的菜单:由“惊喜邂逅”                鲜亮的色彩、入口处的创意艺术画框、手写海鲜档、菜牌客人随意拿取的棒棒糖拍照
             始,渐入“两情相悦”之境,直至彼此是“此生挚爱”和“甜蜜爱人”,                           区域、专门定做的环保材料甜点蛋糕纸杯、烛光、玫瑰、巧克力、香槟的唯美浪漫应
             特选开胃生蚝、香滑鹅肝、澳洲 8+ 和牛西冷牛排和深海 MSC 犬牙鱼等                       有尽有,全面升级的美食选择囊括北京及亚洲特色美食。一生一世、一年一次的甜蜜
             菜品。每套 1,520 元                                              体验怎可错过?检验真爱的时刻到来,仅需 1314 元即可。
                  (86-10) 6505 2266-5743                                     (86-10) 6505 2266-35
             Romantic Valentine’s Day for Her (or Him) Dinner at Aria   Valentine’s Dinner at Scene a Café
             Spanish Chef Maiker Valdivia’s sincerely prepared menu for Valentine’s night   Bright colours, creative artistic picture frames at the entrance, seafood stalls, specially
             starts with Surprise Encounter and progresses to Two of a Kind, until they   customised environment-friendly materials, such as dessert-cake cups, candles, roses, chocolates
             become each other’s Love of My Life and Sweet Lover, featuring appetising   and Champagnes, all create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. The fully upgraded food
             oysters, foie gras, Australian wagyu striploin MB8+ and MSC toothfish.   choices include Beijing and Asian gourmet dishes. How can I miss this sweet once-in-a-lifetime
             Price: ?1,520 per set                                      experience?  The time has come to test true love… for only ?1,314 for two.

             LOVE IS BLUE@ 美食店
             心情。蓝色恋人情人节主题蛋糕:280 元 ;心心相印情人节主题蛋糕:280 元
                  (86-10) 6505 3295
             LOVE IS BLUE at The Sweet Spot
             On Valentine’s Day, blue does not mean “melancholy”. Mascarpone cheese has a dense mouthfeel,
             and when mixed with sweet-and-sour raspberry. A variety of Valentine’s Day-themed cakes and
             chocolates are also available to satisfy different festive moods.
             “Love is Blue” Valentine’s Day-themed cake: ?280, Heart-to-Heart Love Valentine’s Day-themed Cake: ?280


           四道式晚宴   四位人民币 1388 元净价
           即日起至 2019 年 2 月 28 日(2 月 14 日除外)
           周一至周五 11:30-14:30 供应

           At the beginning of the New Year, Aria selects Canadian snow
           crab, and brings four-course to delight the diners. This will
           certainly be a wonderful night for fellowship and socializing,
           food and dating are no mistake.
           Four-course Dinner   RMB1388 NET/ 4persons
           From now to 28 February 2019 (Except 14th Feb, 2019)
           11:30 – 14:30 Monday to Friday
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