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           Our Fitness Centre offers special programmes to help you burn calories, become a heartthrob as soon as possible!

           CBD 健身圈独家装备

           Re ACT 离心训练机
           REACT 是唯一一款集中训练肌肉减震、提高肌肉力量和无氧运动的训练设备。
           任何冲击,可以帮助用户提高身体平衡性、协调性和运动感觉,也可以有效促进                                健身中心月卡
           肌肉围度、提高肌肉力量。                                                       专享价 1888 元
                                                                              专享期:2019 年 1 月 1 日至 2019 年 5 月 31 日
           M6 攀岩机
                                                                              Fitness Month Card
           M6 攀岩机结合了我们 20 年对攀岩机设计的经验,非常耐用,功能强大。
                                                                              Special Offer: RMB 1888/month
           M6 可以设置到 -12 度,激活核心和肩关节的所有肌群。
                                                                              From 1st Jan 2019 to 31st May 2019
           将角度设置在  +12 度可以更好地募集髋部、腿部、核心和平衡所需要的肌肉群。
           站立式 M6 可以选配安装上脚轮随意移动位置。

                                                                              专享期:2019 年 1 月 1 日至 2019 年 5 月 31 日
                                                                              专享价 1088 元 / 月

           Exclusive Equipment in CBD fitness circle                          游泳池开放时间:6:00-23:00
                                                                              * 游泳卡仅限健身中心游泳使用
           Re ACT Centrifugal Training Machine
                                                                              Swimming Month Card
           Validated by years of extensive research and development, re ACT Strength Trainer
                                                                              From 1st Jan 2019 to 31st May 2019
           represents a paradigm shift in strength training.
                                                                              Special Offer: RMB 1088/month
           Re ACT provides zero impact anaerobic exercise, rapid strength gains, along with
                                                                              Open daily from 6:00-23:00
           improved balance and core stability in just minutes per session.
                                                                              *The swimming card is limited to Fitness Centre use only.
           Tread wall M6
           The newest incarnation of our original product has every feature that we could
           incorporate, including legendary durability.
           For fun, and for serious training, the past two decades have seen the tread wall put to
           multiple uses throughout the world.
           Cross training in particular has never been easier, lower the M6 to the full -12 degree
           angle and work all the muscles in your arms shoulders and core at once. Change the
           angle to +12 degree and get your hips, legs, core, and balance dialed to perfection.
           Find the most comfortable angle for you and get a continuous aerobic burn
           everywhere, at once. Whatever your motives goals are this rotating climbing wall has
           enough space at 6 feet wide and 10 or 11 feet high to let you roam.
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