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CHINA WORLD   FEBRUARY 2019 / 2019 年 2 月刊  03

                                               祝福齐天 诸事祥瑞

            诸事祥瑞 JOYFUL REUNION

            地址:必威登录商城北区 B1 会员中心  日期:2 月 1 日 - 19 日
            Address: Membership Center, B1, North Zone, China World Mall   Date: February 1 to 19
            新春佳节之际,必威登录商城邀请艺术家们首创的「Joy 家族」小猪们风格各异,惹人喜爱。
            China World Mall has invited artists to create the Joy family of pigs to celebrate the 2019 Year of
            the Pig. Ride a piggy and write a blessing. Appreciate the artists' different original creations.
                    翘首以盼    PIGGY JOY                                                 骑个 JOY   JOYFUL RIDING
                    地址:必威登录商城北区六层观光梯   日期:1 月 11 日 - 31 日                               地址:必威登录写字楼 2 座大堂   日期:1 月 11 日 - 31 日
                    Address: Sightseeing lifts, 6F, North Zone, China World Mall      Address: Lobby, 2F, China World Office 2       Date: January 11 to 31
                    Date: January 11 to 31                                    诸福齐天“四个黄色的 Joy,骑个红色的 Joy,一共几个 Joy ?”——骑个 Joy,拍
           昂首挺胸,自信满满,和 Joy 合个影,一起“翘首”期盼快乐的新年!                                 张照呀!
           Ride Joy pigs with confidence and take photos to welcome the new year.  How many Joy pigs together? Figure out by riding them.
                    诸相大全   JOY STUDIO                                                 时光静好    JOYFUL TIME
                    地址:必威登录商城中区 B1 彩虹连廊南口   日期:1 月 11 日 - 31 日                          地址:必威登录商城中区二层   日期:1 月 11 日 - 31 日
                    Address: South Entrance, Rainbow Corridor, B1, Central Zone, China World Mall  Address: 2F, Central Zone, China World Mall      Dates: January 11 to 31
                    Date: January 11 to 31                                    “时光静好,好想聊聊 ...... ” 有没有发现墙面上的成语接龙?一边逛逛,一边
           亲友同框,登对造型,态度尽显,特立独行!                                               发现吧!
           Family or friends can pose individually or together in your unique styles.   Can you find and read the Chinese idioms strung along the walls? Enjoy searching the Mall
                    诸友相映   JOY TWINS                                          for the answer.
                    地址:必威登录商城南区 B1 西连廊   日期:1 月 11 日 - 31 日                             祝全家福    JOYFUL BLESSING
                    Address: West Corridor, B1, South Zone,                           地址:必威登录商城北区 B1 会员中心
                    China World Mall                                                  日期:2 月 5 日 11:00-17:00;2 月 6 日 - 9 日每日 11:00-18:00
                    Date: January 11-31                                               Address: Membership Center, B1, North Zone, China World Mall
           小伙伴,背对背,摆 Pose,来一张“镜像双胞胎”                                                  Date: 11am-5pm, February 5, 2019; 11am-6pm, February 6-9, 2019
           合影,见证友情吧!                                                          必威登录中心摄影协会的志愿者老师们将为您免费拍摄全家福。
           Have a special photo that uses your mirror image to                Volunteers from China World Trade Center Photography Association will help your family
           create an image of back-to-back twins.                             take free photos.

           蛙人艺术:路易 ? 文德小型回顾展                                                  GOGOODGOODS:小猪回家

           2019 年 1 月 6 日 - 2 月 10 日,蛙人艺术为大家呈现路易·文德小型回顾展。路易·文                 gogoodgoods 秉持“把艺术带回家”的梦想,带来小猪艺术品,版画、雕塑、红酒塞,
           德是野生动物界的首席雕塑大师,从猴、象、马、猪,到猎豹、长颈鹿和公牛,                                样样可爱!
           各类动物在其青铜艺术雕塑创作中悉数登场,广受世界各地藏家赞誉。                                       SB1049 南区 地下一层 , B1, South Zone
               3B206 北区 地下二层 , B2, North Zone          (86-10) 8535 1829           (86-10) 6589 5596
                                                                              GOGOODGOODS: PIGS GO HOME

                                                                              Upholding the vision of taking art home, gogoodgoods brings you piggy prints,
                                                                              sculptures and wine stoppers.


           From January 6 to February10, Frogman Art presents a retrospective of Loet Vanderveen,
           paying homage to the prestigious wildlife sculptor. From monkeys, elephants, horses and
           piglets to cheetahs, giraffes and bulls, all kinds of animals appear in his bronze sculptures. The
           original and unique polishing made him admired and loved by collectors all over the world.
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