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CHINA WORLD   FEBRUARY 2019 / 2019 年 2 月刊  04


           史上又一全新里程碑式力作。2160 机芯
           链陀飞轮机芯,厚度仅为 5.65 毫米,
           188 个零件协同运作为腕表提供约
           80 小时的动力。机芯采用平缓的
           2.5 赫兹振动频率,佩戴者可透
           欣赏 22K 金质边缘摆陀,感
               SL2033 南区 二层 , L2, South Zone
           TOURBILLON                                                         哲品精选新春好物

           The Traditionnelle tourbillon watch is a new milestone in the history of the maison since
           the first self-winding movement developed by Vacheron Constantin. Caliber 2160 is
           distinguished by its incredible slimness: This ultra-thin 188-part movement, endowed
           with an approximately 80-hour power reserve, measures just 5.65 mm thick. Its relatively
                                                                              地厚实,耐磨性比一般织物高 4—5 倍。材质天然环保,质感柔软舒适,对皮肤无
           sedate frequency of 2.5 Hz, along with its 22K gold peripheral oscillating weight,
           provide a chance to admire the steady beating of its mechanism and the exceptional
           level of traditional finishing visible through the sapphire crystal caseback.
           AHKAH 玲珑亮相                                                         猪是财富与福气的象征,哲品推出这款吉祥如翼马克杯对杯,寄托着对生活美满的

           AHKAH 首登北京,带来纯粹无暇之美。无论是大自然中转瞬即逝的生灵之美,生
                                                                              它圆到鼓起的肉肉脸蛋与丰腴的臀部让人忍不住想要触摸。1 月 17 日至 2 月 10 日,
           活中点点滴滴的平淡之美,亦或是天马行空的富饶未来之美,AHKAH 皆以创造艺
                                                                              店内购买任意商品加 99 元即可换购原价 199 元的吉祥如翼马克对杯套装。
                                                                                 3L107 北区 一层 , L1, North Zone
           被 AHKAH 独特的摩登魅力所深深吸引,并成为她的忠实拥趸。
               NB138 中区 地下一层 , B1, Central Zone

           Ahkah has unveiled its first store in Beijing with a vision of purity and innocent
           beauty. Ahkah’s jewelry can easily be worn every day by mothers and daughters. The
           restrained freedom that nature possesses is portrayed in each piece by adding a sense
           of fashion to the high-quality creations.

                                                                              ZENS NEW YEAR GIFTS

                                                                              The Wonderful Series involves muted, dense, flat velvet with a texture that lends its
                                                                              durability over four times higher than that of more ordinary fabrics. All the material is
                                                                              natural and environmentally friendly, soft and comfortable, and non-irritating to the skin.
                                                                              The surface holds a thin layer of air that provides better insulation. The Wonderful Series
                                                                              includes unique square pillowcases, lumbar support pillowcases, shawl blankets, floor
                                                                              mats, floor seat cushions and a newly-designed neck pillow. All are designed with delicate
                                                                              woven embroidery and an embossed surface that creates an elegant aesthetic. Zens has
                                                                              also launched an auspicious When Pigs Fly Mug with a lucky, happy hog featuring a round
                                                                              fleshy face and prominent buttocks. From January 17 to February 10, purchase any item
                                                                              that costs more than 99 yuan at the store to qualify to buy the special 199 yuan mug.
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