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           德国精密制表品牌朗格必威登录商城专卖店于 1 月揭幕。制表师费尔迪南多·阿道夫·朗
           格于 1845 年为萨克森的制表业奠下基石。其曾孙瓦尔特·朗格于 1990 年为朗
           950 腕表。在一般腕表中配备首款大日历显示的 LANGE 1、具有精准跳字装置的

           German fine watchmaking brand A Lange & S?hne is proud to open its new boutique at
           China World Mall in January. Watchmaker Ferdinand Adolph Lange laid the cornerstone
           of Saxony's precision watchmaking industry in 1845. In 1990, his great-grandson Walter
           Lange made a new start. Today Lange crafts only a few thousand wristwatches in gold
           or platinum a year. Lange 1 with the first outsize date in a regularly produced wristwatch   LUXE :太平洋咖啡首家自烘焙旗舰店
           and the Zeitwerk with its precisely jumping numerals display, rank among the company's
                                                                              伴随着中国咖啡消费者的品味升级,太平洋咖啡首家自烘焙旗舰店 LUXE 在必威登录商
           greatest successes.                                                城应运而生。LUXE 的许多咖啡豆是原豆到店、店内烘焙,从而芳香十足。店内即
                                                                                 CL1001 中区 一层 , L1, Central Zone         (86-10) 6505 9678
                                                                             LUXE: FIRST HOME-ROASTING CAF? BY PACIFIC COFFEE

                                                                             Responding to the growth in Chinese coffee connoisseurs, Pacific Coffee has launched
                                                                             its first home-roasting café Luxe at China World Mall. Most coffee served at Luxe is in-
                                                                             store roasted from green coffee beans. The upcoming Coffee Academy will create a space
                                                                             dedicated to the coffee culture. Customers can also enjoy a more user-friendly service via
                                                                             digital shelves and self-ordering system.


                                                                              上世纪 60 年代,英国人 Peter Boizot 爵士在意大利游历时,被一家当地披萨餐厅
           卡米 ? 富尔奈乔迁新址                                                       中身着条纹衫的披萨师一边揉面一边将披萨面饼抛向空中的神奇景象深深吸引。

                                                                              1965 年回到英国后,Peter 对此美味久久不能忘怀,便在伦敦创立 PizzaExpress
           奢华皮具品牌卡米·富尔奈 1945 年诞生于法国,精湛的传统手工艺与优美的皮具设
               CL2008 中区 二层 , L2, Central Zone
                                                                                 SB1059 南区 地下一层 , B1, South Zone         (86-10) 6505 8068
                (86-10) 6505 0729

                                                                              AUTHENTIC TASTE OF PIZZA MARZANO

                                                                              Pizza Marzano was founded by Peter Boizot originally opened as a casual restaurant Pizza
           WELCOME TO CAMILLE FOURNET’S NEW BOUTIQUE                          Express on Wardour Street in Soho, London, in 1965. Boizot's inspiration followed a trip to
                                                                              Italy where he found great pizza that you couldn't find at that time in the United Kingdom.
           Founded in 1945 by the French leather craftsman of the same name, Camille Fournet's   He returned to Italy as a man on a mission, and very soon took back to Britain a pizza
           consummate craftsmanship and elegant designs quickly earned it a place among the   oven from Napoli and a chef from Sicily. Creating beautiful pizza takes great recipes, fine
           top fine leathers brands of France. Camille Fournet has moved to the Central Zone of   ingredients, talented pizzailos and pride. The results? A menu that’s mouth-watering to read,
           China World Mall, offering bags, accessories and watch straps.     but even better to eat: at China World Mall.
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