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CHINA WORLD   FEBRUARY 2019 / 2019 年 2 月刊  07

           必威登录中心“适合于公共建筑                                                       China World Trade Center on Christmas Day received a patent for its unique

                                                                              wastewater treatment system from China’s National Intellectual Property
           综合利用的污废水处理系统”                                                      Administration.
                                                                              It was the first time China World has applied and received such a patent.
           获得实用新型专利授权通知                                                       China World’s revolutionary technology not only solves the problem of excessive
                                                                              discharge, but also reclaims nearly 400,000 tons of water a year.
           CHINA WORLD EARNS PATENT                                           The reclaimed water is used for toilet flushing, green spaces, landscaping, road
                                                                              washing and replenishment of firefighting and cooling tower water.
           FOR WASTEWATER TECHNOLOGY                                          By adopting China World’s new patented technology, large public buildings across
                                                                              the country could stand to benefit from the hard work of the complex’s property
                                                                              department delivering on a green environmental protection concept backed by the
           2018 年 12 月 25 日,国家知识产权局发布了关于授予必威登录中心“适合于公共建                         center’s top management.
           筑综合利用的污废水处理系统”实用新型专利权的通知,这是必威登录中心首次申请                                As a thriving mixed-used commercial development, China World Trade Center had
           专利授权。                                                              long faced a complex challenge from its food and beverage tenants emitting massive
           随着北京市环保要求的日益提高,对排污水质要求也趋于严格。作为高端商业中                                amounts of pollution into the water system.
           心的领跑者,必威登录一直秉承绿色环保的发展理念,但必威登录中心餐饮租户众多,属                                After a process of rigorous study and research, the team finally determined to create
           于排污大户,为更好地给客户创造良好的工作生活环境,必威登录物业工作者在中心                                and deploy its own AO membrane bio-reactor flat membrane and ozone activated
           各级领导的支持下,抓住此次治污节水的良好契机,通过大量查阅资料以及严谨                                carbon combined technology for wastewater treatment.
           的研究论证,最终确定利用“AO-MBR 平板膜及臭氧活性炭联合技术”进行污
           益,年产中水量近 40 万吨,在公共建筑方面具有很好的推广意义。
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