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CHINA WORLD   MARCH 2019 / 2019 年 3 月刊  11

           为了让学员更投入,Dali 和 Patrick 还制定了“硬核”教规:
           1.   你可以尖叫、大喊、流汗,甚至哭,只要你别放弃!
           2.   别担心,在累死之前还有晕倒和呕吐两个阶段。                                           鲜啤吧时令鲜啤
           3.   绝不向速度妥协!                                                        —— 来自战斗民族的帝国世涛
           4.   早来晚走,为彼此加油!
           5.   不要惧怕尝试,不要感觉尴尬,每段旅程总有个开始。
           6.   主动向新成员介绍你自己。                                                    RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT COMES
           7.   入我门来,与世隔绝(不许使用手机)!                                              TO BEERSMITH
           8.   训练是艰苦的,说“不”是禁止的!
           9.   利用好每次训练的机会!
           10.  增强体魄没有捷径,学会痛并快乐着!
                                                                               这款啤酒也拥有悠久的历史。早在 18 世纪,英国商人就向俄罗斯出口这款烈
           戏,让大家放下“偶像包袱”,全身心的投入训练。除了高强度的课程,Dali 和
           Patrick 也会带领学员们前往室外一同出游,一同野餐,增强全队凝聚力,亲如一家。
           GET FIT FAM 总是欢迎新人加入,每一位成员的加入都会让炼·工场更多元、更                           而鲜啤吧的帝国世涛由 9 种麦芽和英国、美国的啤酒花相融合,互相平衡又各
           有活力!不要犹豫了,快来炼·工场感受运动健身的乐趣吧!                                         具特点。这款世涛可以与巧克力甜点搭配,也可以搭配肉类食品以及风味浓郁

                                                                                We are excited to present the Russian Imperial Stout. A strong stout defined by the
                                                                                use of crystal, dark and roasted malts, this beer has a rich flavour profile full of coffee
                                                                                and chocolate notes, and often a high residual sweetness. Generally, stouts are also
                                                                                quite bitter and develop with age to become extremely complex beers. Our Russian
                                                                                Imperial Stout is no exception.
                                                                                The Imperial Stout originated in 18th century England as an export beer to Russia.
                                                                                Today, it is world famous for being one of the most decadent beer styles available.
                                                                                Our Imperial Stout is packed with nine different malts of varying intensities against
                                                                                English and American hop varietals, balancing the rich and opulent flavours perfectly.
                                                                                It pairs equally well with chocolate desserts as it does with rich meat and strongly
                                                                                flavoured seafood dishes.

           GET FIT FAM also has canons:
           1.   You can scream, yell, shout, grunt, swear or cry. Just don’t quit!
           2.   Don’t worry; the two stages before total exhaustion are getting sick and then
              passing out.
           3.   Never compromise on speed.
           4.   Arrive early. Stay late. Encourage others.
           5.   Don’t be embarrassed or afraid of trying; everyone starts somewhere.
           6.   Introduce yourself to new GET FIT members.
           7.   Leave it all behind at the door. No phones!
           8.   HIIT is supposed to be hard. Never say “I can’t.”
           9.   Make every workout count.
           10.  There is no shortcut to GETTING FIT, learn to love the process.
           GET FIT FAM is not only about training – it's a community that's full of joy and good
           energy. Through high-intensity training, find your new favourite workout buddies
           and friends with amazing team spirit. After class, the group often has parties and get-
           togethers, too.
           GET FIT FAM is always happy to welcome new members to the team, which makes
           going to Trainyard even better. Everyone is welcome to join, but don't be fooled. It will
           be a high-intensity journey, packed with lots of fun.
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