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CHINA WORLD   MARCH 2019 / 2019 年 3 月刊  03

                                      必威登录中心雕塑巡礼 ( 一 ) SCULPTURES @ CHINA WORLD

                                                                              位于必威登录大厦 B 座前,大跨度的“走向造型”构成本雕塑的轮廓,大气且充满光

             Warm Welcome to All

           Determined to enhance and soften its architectural surroundings with an artistic touch,
           China World encouraged a series of public artworks, subsequently installed at locations
           around the complex, to create further cohesion, harmony and a greater welcoming
           experience for all who visit.

           Two of the six sculptures were created by Singaporean artist Sun Yu-li: “Warm Welcome
           to All” is located in front of China World Tower B. The wide span of the arch forms
           the sculpture's silhouette. The artistic contrast of light and
           shadow forms a harmonious dialogue and interaction of the
           sculpture with its surrounding environment. The underlying
           meaning is: China World always welcomes guests with
           open arms.

           “A Water Droplet Epitomizes the World” stands
           at the front of Hotel Jen Beijing. The smooth, concise
           shape, elegant and full of rhythmic movements,
           symbolizes the infinite universe. The sculpture,
           which uses the originally perfect shape of a water
           droplet, fits the positioning of the China World
           Trade Center.

           The underlying meaning is: China World
           provides meticulous service and does
           whatever it takes to make people happy.
                                                                                A Water Droplet Epitomizes the World
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