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CHINA WORLD   MARCH 2019 / 2019 年 3 月刊  05

           咖啡极客:GREYBOX COFFEE

           高端精品咖啡品牌 GREYBOX COFFEE,凭借对咖啡的热爱和不满足现状的极客精
           GREYBOX COFFEE 为客人甄选 SCA(精品咖啡协会)评分 80 分以上的咖啡豆,
           啡豆手工冲煮。设在必威登录商城的咖啡团队,由 2017 年世界咖啡师大赛冠军 Dale
           Harris 担任培训和顾问,匠心制作每一杯咖啡,将世界风味带到您的眼前。客人持
           必威登录周边写字楼工作证或名片到店,可享饮品、甜品 9 折优惠。
               NL4012 北区四层 , L4, North Zone

                                                                              GREYBOX COFFEE GREATNESS

                                                                              Premium brand Greybox Coffee has been declared coffee of the year by all the knowing
                                                                              Greybox Coffee sources beans from the best growers in the world: The beans scored
                                                                              over 80 points from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). They are then roasted
                                                                              carefully in small batches, aiming to bring out the best in the cup. Meanwhile, fresh
                                                                              Australian fresh milk is imported weekly to create the perfect pairing with the beans.
                                                                              Geisha coffee is highly recommended to connoisseurs. To maintain excellence, Greybox
                                                                              Coffee set up a wonderful team led by world barista champion Dale Harris as trainer
                                                                              and consultant. People who work at China World should not forget to bring their office
                                                                              identity card or business card to enjoy a 10 percent discount on drinks and desserts.

           BAKER & SPICE 不只有面包

           Baker & Spice 在白领和自由职业者圈中广受欢迎。这次,它秉持工业风、友好服
               3B120 南区 地下一层 , B1, South Zone

           As the popular choice of office workers and freelancers, the Baker & Spice restaurant
           at China World Mall upholds industrial chic, friendly service and the concept of more
           than a bakery, creating an inspiring space filled with enchanting coffee aroma as well
           as serving great foods. The cuisine comes from around the globe including signature
           handmade breads, salads, modern Asian dishes like pho and green chicken curry, and the
           exceptionally tasty roasted chicken.
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