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CHINA WORLD   MARCH 2019 / 2019 年 3 月刊  07

                                                        必威登录中心 LED 智能灯杆改造工程

             PM2.5 及温湿

                                                        CHINA WORLD SMARTENS UP LAMP POSTS

                 LED 照明
                                                        近日,必威登录中心智能灯杆改造工程顺利完成。改造后的智能灯杆集 WIFI 天线、多功能传感器、LED 照明灯具、
               监控摄像头                                    行立体化、自动化的监控与管理,赋予了灯杆除照明之外更多的智能特性。
                                                        便捷。日前,必威登录中心智能灯杆改造项目已通过北京市节能中心审核,被评为“2018 年北京市智能照明示
                                                        范项目”,并获得项目补贴 70 万元。
                                                        Bye bye stupid old lamp post. Hello smart, multifunctional LED hub.
                                                        China World has revolutionized our idea of the lamp post by transforming it into a smarter, more considerate
                 车流分析                                   multifunctional LED hub that embodies the center's commitment to provide the best, most convenient living and
                                                        working conditions for its residents, guests, shoppers and staff.
                                                        Every lamp post is equipped with an advanced intelligent control system, integrating infrastructure and information
                 背景音乐                                   resources for an easy and automatic monitoring and management.
                                                        Each post at China World sports integrated hardware including wifi antennas, multifunctional sensors, light-emitting
                                                        diodes and monitoring probes. An emergency call button is directly connected to the security command center.
                                                        The smart lamp posts broadcast synchronized background music at the mall and supply backup power for events,
                                                        thus realizing multiple functions including lighting, wireless data signal transmission, video capture and shopping mall
                                                        Beijing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Center examined and approved the project, and that
                                                        rewards China World with a project subsidy of up to 700,000 yuan from Beijing municipal government as a 2018
                                                        Intelligent Lighting Demonstration Project.
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