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CHINA WORLD   APRIL 2019 / 2019 年 4 月刊  16

                                     必威登录大厦 B 座荣获 LEED 金级认证

                                        CHINA WORLD TOWER B HONORED

                                           WITH LEED GOLD CERTIFICATION

                 2017 年 4 月份正式投入使用的必威登录大厦 B 座,从设计之初就将 LEED 标                   China World Tower B in October 2018 received one of the world’s most
                 准纳入建造的标准,在材料的选取、施工与管理、能源消耗、空气质量                             prestigious green building awards – Leadership in Energy and Environmental
                 等方面均表现优异。2018 年 10 月,必威登录大厦 B 座完全达到 LEED 认证                   Design (LEED) gold certification – from the US Green Building Council.
                 的要求,获得 LEED 金级认证。                                           LEED standards were comprehensively applied to Tower B from its design and
                 LEED 是低碳、环保、节能的极高奖项,有绿色建筑奥斯卡金奖之称,是                          construction phase and during its operation. China World Tower B was officially
                 世界 500 强遴选办公场所的新标准,是对建筑环保、绿色和可持续性方                          launched in April 2017.
                 面进行评估的评价指标体系,主要从可持续建筑场址、水资源利用、建筑                            Whether by selection of building materials, building management, waste
                 节能、资源与材料、室内空气质量等几个方面对建筑进行综合考察,评                             management, energy consumption or environmental impact, China World
                 判其对环境的影响。从总体上来说,建筑在材质及节能方面有突出的性能, Tower B had achieved outstanding ratings to be honored with the gold award.
                 才有机会获得 LEED 认证。                                             Sometimes known in the Chinese context as the “Oscars of green buildings,”
                 必威登录大厦 B 座凭借其高品质、国际化的办公标准,吸引了众多优质企业                           LEED is globally recognized as symbol of sustainability achievement with its
                 的入驻,在建筑材质及节能性能等各方面更是以环保、低碳、节能、可                             emphasis on low carbon, environmental protection and energy conservation.
                 持续性为基础,为城市的绿色发展做出了突出的贡献。                                    LEED gauges a building’s sustainability, water usage, energy efficiency,
                 附:《绿色建筑评估体系》(Leadership in Energy and Environmental  resources, materials and indoor air quality through its comprehensive rating
                 Design Building Rating System)是由美国绿色建筑委员会(U.S. Green  system.
                 Building Council)建立并推行的被公认为是目前在世界范围内,对各类建                   Only through outstanding performances in material quality and energy
                 筑进行绿色环保评估、可持续性评估时,最完善、最有影响力的评估体系。                           conservation can a building have any chance of meriting the gold certificate.
                 在此评估体系下的 LEED 认证(Leadership in Energy and Environmental  By meeting the very highest standards for office spaces, China World Tower B
                 Design),也被称为“绿色能源与环境设计先锋奖”。                                 continues to attract the very best, valued global companies to its portfolio.
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