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                                        FUEL YOUR WEEKEND WITH

                                        BEERSMITH BRUNCH

             单 88 元起,快来尝鲜!
             供应时段:每周六、周日 11:30-16:00
             套餐均包含 1 杯啤酒 /1 杯咖啡 /1 杯茶 /1 杯软饮(任选其一)
             快来享用周末早午餐,为下周储备满满能量吧!欲知更多详情或预订请致电鲜啤吧 +010 8647 1098
             The weekend is here again, which means one thing: time to get your brunch plans sorted! Beersmith's brunch              CNY88
             menu is full of new dishes and signature favourites. Read on for our highlights.
             New Brunch Menu Highlights                                                             地中海沙拉 - 罗马生菜、番茄、黄瓜、飞达奶酪、黑
             Brunch is served from 11:30 am to 4 pm every Saturday and Sunday.                      橄榄、薄荷叶、柠檬醋汁
             All orders include choice of beer/coffee/tea/soft drink.                               Mediterranean Salad – romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber,
             Tuck into an indulgent brunch every weekend at Beersmith. For booking enquiries, please call +010 8647 1098  feta cheese, Kalamata olives, mint leaves, lemon vinaigrette

                                           CNY148                                       CNY158                                       CNY88

           半只烤鸡配番茄、炸薯条 蒜香酱汁                             扒三文鱼配番茄、玉米,西兰花马铃薯沙拉                         牛油果配酸包配洋葱羊奶酪,橄榄油、芝麻菜
           Half Roasted Chicken – served with thyme, vine tomatoes,   Grilled Salmon Fillet – served with vine tomatoes, sweet   加 2 个水波蛋(+25 元)
           French fries & garlic brown sauce            corn, broccoli & potato salad               Avocado Toast – sourdough toast, red onion, feta, olive & rocket
                                                                                                    Add 2 poached eggs (+CNY25)

                                            CNY88                                       CNY98                                       CNY158

           猪肉香肠配两个煎蛋、培根、烤酸包、 豆、炸薯条                      墨西哥卷玉米饼配牛油果、泡椒香菜煎蛋                          牛排配两个煎蛋,牛油果芝麻菜炸薯条
           The Full English – two fried free-range eggs, pork sausage,   Huevos Rancheros – tortilla with avocado, jalape?o,   Minute Steak & Eggs – 2 fried free-range eggs, avocado,
           bacon, toasted sourdough, Heinz baked beans & French   cilantro & fried free-range eggs.  rocket & french fries.
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