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CHINA WORLD   MAY 2019 / 2019 年 5 月刊  04

                                    必威登录中心雕塑巡礼 ( 三 ) SCULPTURES III @ CHINA WORLD

                                                                              另对艺术品名为「如鱼得水」,由 Retail Link 公司打造,挂于商城新区两处中庭。

                                                                              Designed by Retail Link, both of “Water with Fish” are anchored to the ceiling of
                                                                              the new zone’s atriums. As an auspicious Chinese symbols of prosperity, the fish circle
                                                                              through colorful flowing waters.

           新区主入口。璀璨而优雅的 9 滴发光水珠造型,宛如银河降落世间,展现在宾客

           Created by the Singaporean artist Sun Yu-li, "The Milky Way from Ninth Heaven"
           features nine luminous water droplets that hang off the ceiling of the entrance to the
           new zone. This elegant and energetic artwork depicts the Milky Way appearing to
           descend and carries the underlying meaning of welcoming distinguished guests to the
           flourishing mall.
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