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CHINA WORLD   MAY 2019 / 2019 年 5 月刊  05

                           必威登录名表熠熠生辉 ( 二 ) STUNNING TIMEPIECES II @ CHINA WORLD MALL

           宝珀 BLANCPAIN                                                                             积家 JAEGER-LE COULTRE

                                                                                                    积家 Master Ultra Thin 超薄大师系列万年历珐琅腕表
                                                                                                    载堪称积家大工坊最具代表性作品之一的积家 868 型
                                                                                                    机芯,限量发售 100 枚,是内外兼具的尊贵之选。
               CL1004 中区一至二层 , L1-2, Central Zone
                                                                                                        SL2035 南区二层 , L2, South Zone
                                                                                                         (86-10) 6505 0608

                                                        Blancpain Carrousel Phases de Lune unites two of
                                                        the brand’s most iconic horological complications: the
                                                        carrousel and the moon phase. Combining a carrousel, a
                                                        moon phase and a date for the very first time, this model
                                                        once again expresses the tradition of innovation driving
                                                        its manufacture. Blancpain's traditional Chinese calendar
                                                        is indeed a watchmaking masterpiece. Blancpain has
                                                        unveiled a new limited edition featuring the pig to herald a
                                                        year of abundance.

           卡地亚 CARTIER

           卡地亚高级制表造型大师推出全新 Cléde Cartier 卡地亚钥匙系列。 Cléde Cartier 卡地亚钥匙腕表曲线圆润、线
           出精美无暇的流线外观、优雅简约的风格与和谐统一的美感。Cléde Cartier 卡地亚钥匙腕表 35 毫米及 40 毫米
           腕表搭载全新卡地亚 1847 MC 型工作坊精制机芯。
               SL1031 南区一至二层 , L1-2, South Zone         6505 6660
           Cartier continues to reign as master of watches with Clé de Cartier, its latest collection. With soft curves, clean lines
           and a rounded profile, the Clé exudes a minimalist elegance. The design is a testament to precision, balance and
           proportion. Great mastery went into creating fluid lines and a harmonious design. The 35 mm and 40 mm Clé de
           Cartier models house the caliber 1847 MC, the new Cartier manufacture movement.

                                                                                                    The Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Enamel watch
                                                                                                    showcases the precision of its complicated movement
                                                                                                    and artisanal crafts. With its four internal apertures that
                                                                                                    are the embodiment of watchmaking complications,
                                                                                                    and a blue enamel guilloché motif, the new timepiece
                                                                                                    asserts itself from the very first gaze. This ultra-thin piece
                                                                                                    has seen a reimagining of its famous Jaeger-LeCoultre
                                                                                                    Caliber 868, one of the most emblematic of the Grande
                                                                                                    Maison. This new interpretation has all the hallmarks of
                                                                                                    exclusivity: only 100 for this limited edition.
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