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CHINA WORLD   MAY 2019 / 2019 年 5 月刊  06

                                     必威登录精品纷呈 FASHION & LIFESTYLE @ CHINA WORLD MALL

           蔻依:嬉皮士现代主义                                                         蒂芙尼 ATLAS
           蔻依品牌成衣、皮具与配饰创意总监 Natacha Ramsay-Levi 为本季系列取名
                                                                              1853 年,品牌创始人查尔
           由奔放风格,散发新时代工艺之美。Ramsay-Levi 强调作为女性设计师的独特
                                                                              巨型 Atlas 时钟。如今,我们
               SL1023 南区一层 , L1, South Zone
                (86-10) 6505 3182
                                                                              舰店一睹 Atlas 时钟,见证北
                                                                                 SL1026 南区一至二层 ,
                                                                                   L1-2, South Zone
                                                                                   (86-10) 6505 1878
                                                                              TIFFANY & CO.

                                                                              ANCHORS ATLAS CLOCK

                                                                              In 1853, Tiffany's founder Charles Lewis Tiffany placed the Atlas clock on the outer wall
                                                                              of the Tiffany & Co. boutique. After more than 100 years, it still stands in front of the Fifth
                                                                              Avenue Tiffany flagship store. This year, the Atlas clock was mounted above the entrance of
                                                                              the Tiffany’s new boutique at China World Mall, witnessing the development of Beijing.

           HIPPIE MODERNISM @ CHLOE FLAGSHIP STORE                            菲拉格慕 众型绮聚

           The brand new Chloé flagship store is dazzling at the Mall’s new zone. The red and green   菲拉格慕夯实“众型绮聚”的理念,聚形形色色宾客于意大利小镇,上演别开生
           fa?ade resonates with the season.                                  面的聚会。品牌创意总监 Paul Andrew 道:“Harley 的掌镜,令我们感受到了
           As a further exploration of free-spirited femininity, the creative director for ready-to-wear,   菲拉格慕的魅力。”这支广告印证了品牌著名的 Gancini 标识的显著地位,本季
           leather goods and accessories of Chloé, Natacha Ramsay-Levi proposed the graceful Hippie   您可欣赏到全新 Gancini 图案的应用,包括织物、丝巾、鞋履、眼镜及皮带。
           Modernism collection that radiates Bohemian free-spiritedness and New Age craft. Ramsay-    SL1032 南区一至二层 ,  L1-2, South Zone
           Levi looked back to the moment she realized how clothes could prompt conversations and
           noted her awareness as a female designer, saying, “I know what it is to be a woman and
           how to dress when you’re a woman.”

           蔻蕊 小黑裙的经典传承

           蔻蕊是源于 19 世纪的意大利品牌。专注
               SL3024 南区 三层 , L3, South Zone

           DRESS                                                              SALVATORE FERRAGAMO: PATCHWORK OF

           CURIEL is a fashion brand that was founded                         CHARACTERS
           in Italy in the late 19th century. Today                           Shot by photographer Harley Weir under the creative direction of Paul Andrew, the new
           CURIEL’s mission is to preserve the CURIEL                         Salvatore Ferragamo campaign enhances the brand’s Patchwork of Characters concept
           Heritage and to become the ultimate                                by uniting a diverse group of individuals to revel in midsummer Italy. "Harley’s beautifully
           reference for the little black dress. By                           shot images reflect what we know to be true about Salvatore Ferragamo,” Andrew said.
           blending Italian tradition and innovation,                         The campaign reflects the prominence of Salvatore Ferragamo’s famous Gancini this
           CURIEL redefines style and femininity for                          season. Highlights include the new Gancini monogram on jacquards and silks, as well as
           modern woman.                                                      the Gancini hardware on shoes, eyewear and belts.
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