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CHINA WORLD   MAY 2019 / 2019 年 5 月刊  08

           老鼎丰糕点铺子                                                                                  FATBURGER携O’BRIENS回归!

           哈尔滨老鼎丰始创于 1911 年,是国家商务部首                                                                 以大而多汁闻名的 FATBURGER 回归必威登录商城!它
           批认定的“中华老字号”。  经过一代代老鼎丰人                                                                  是洛杉矶和拉斯维加斯的最优质汉堡之一,也是国
           的传承及创新,其月饼、糕点、粽子、元宵独成                                                                    贸白领钟爱的美食。此次新店开幕,更携 O’Briens
           一派。现以全新现代气息,展现在必威登录商城新区                                                                    一同来到。O’Briens 是一家源于爱尔兰的生活方式
           五层。                                                                                      连锁咖啡馆,丰富的轻食选择满足食客对健康与美
               SL5007 南区五层 , L5, South Zone                                                         味的双重追求。
           NORTHERN DIM SUM DELIGHTS                                                                    SB1057 南区地下一层 B1, South Zone

           @ LAO DING FENG                                                                          FATBURGER IS BACK WITH A

           Based in Harbin since 1911, Lao Ding Feng is one of                                      BITE AT O’BRIENS!
           China’s first time-honored brands acknowledged by the                                    Thick, beefy and juicy, Fatburger is back at China World
           Ministry of Commerce. From generation to generation,                                     Mall! Fatburger was voted best burger in Los Angeles
           with traditional inheritance and innovation, Lao Ding                                    and Las Vegas, and was recently one of the most popular
           Feng’s delightful mooncakes, desserts and glutinous                                      restaurants at China World. More than a burger joint, this
           puddings have expanded to become popular far beyond                                      new store also introduces O’Briens Irish café, providing
           the chilly climes of the northern China city. Embracing                                  healthy, yummy fare for diners.
           modernism, Lao Ding Feng’s new concept store is
           launching on Level 5 of the new zone.        鼎泰丰:新酒新菜

                                                        干水芹” 清新上桌。本季,鼎泰丰亦携三麦啤酒而来,源自台湾,精酿工艺,口感清爽。
                                                           NL5015 北区五层 , L5, North Zone          (86-10) 8535 1803

                                                        SEASONAL TREATS @ DIN TAI FUNG

                                                        This spring, Din Tai Fung has brought in the best seasonal ingredients from across the Jiangnan region to Beijing. Spring
                                                        bamboo shoots from Hangzhou and fragrant celery from Fuyang are highlights on the menu. Diners can also order beer from
                                                        the Sunmai Taiwanese craft brewery.


               NL4020 北区四层 , L4, North Zone          (86-10) 8535 1191

           Something new for the new season? The Mission’s Peking duck burrito is a delight:
           crackly duck skin, fresh vegetables and a tasty sweet sauce wrapped in a soft flatbread.
           Convenient and delicious: Bon appetit!
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