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CHINA WORLD   MAY 2019 / 2019 年 5 月刊  09

                                                                              必威登录商城荣膺 2019 金灯奖节日经典大奖

                                                                              3 月 31 日至 4 月 1 日在上海举办的中国商业地产企划节金灯奖颁奖典礼上,必威登录
                                                                              题活动,以多元艺术的陈设语言和独家经典主题,荣获 2019 金灯奖唯一“节日
                                                                              力的至高殊荣。2019 第二届金灯奖邀请 282 家中国地区(含港、澳、台)以及泛
                                                                              CHINA WORLD MALL WINS 2019 GOLDEN LIGHT


                                                                              Through festive campaigns such as during Magic Monments and the Chinese Spring
                                                                              Festival promotion, China World Mall was honored to receive the Classical Festival Award,
                                                                              a top honor at the 2019 Golden Light Awards. The Golden Light Awards are a special
                                                                              honor in the field of commercial real estate market promotion and China World won a
                                                                              top gong for its fine shopping mall decoration in competition against 282 excellent works
                                                                              from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the pan-Asia-Pacific area.

           五一放假 4 天  必威登录世纪公寓推出

           7 天优惠价


           相信自 2019 年“五一”劳动节放假通知发布的那一刻,大家就已经开始跃跃欲试
           筹划 4 天小长假啦!不管您是准备和爱豆一起唱歌一起嗨,还是一路向东南西北自
           己跑,必威登录世纪公寓都为您准备了 7 天的超长特惠价,只要必威登录中心客户在 4 月
           29 日 - 5 月 5 日期间入住必威登录世纪公寓舒适两居室,均可享受 700 元 / 日的活动价。
                (86-10) 6779 8030 / 6779 8035

           加强防范意识  确保必威登录世纪公寓消防安全

           点部位,公寓保安分别进行了多次消防演习活动,力求做到消防安全工作万无一失。                              China World Century Towers has prepared a nine-day special price for the official four-day
           除了预防火灾发生,平时巡视中公寓保安部对公寓空调室外机也非常重视,要求                                May Day holidays.
           值班保安对空调室外机大致在多少层,在哪个房间的哪个位置,都要做到了如指掌,                              From April 29 to May 5, China World Center customers can book a comfortable two-
           并加强训练短时间内处理火灾的能力,要求每位保安都能顺畅完成“打开应急包,                               bedroom apartment for only 700 yuan a day.
           还要求保安在巡视过程中,往楼上看一下空调室外机,一旦发现异常情况,立即                                WATER & FIRE DRILLS UNDERWRITE CENTURY
           启动应急预案。经过保安部精心组织、策划,以及多次演习培训,有力保障了世                                TOWERS’ SAFETY
                                                                              Members of the Century Towers security team performed fire drills and safety classes to
                                                                              enhance awareness, prevent accidents and ultimately protect all guests. Security staff carried
                                                                              out their drills in the electric bike shed, trash room and other areas deemed critical on each
                                                                              floor. Outdoor air-conditioning units are also stressed as an issue of importance to the
                                                                              security team. Guards are required to check the outdoor units during daily patrols and take
                                                                              immediate emergency action if they notice anything off. To reinforce safety, every Century
                                                                              Towers guard must quickly learn and know the location of outdoor air-conditioners for every
                                                                              room on every floor. Every guard is asked to learn and smoothly incorporate a sequence
                                                                              of safety measures such as opening the emergency equipment cupboard, taking out a fire
                                                                              extinguisher and locating the key to open the steel doors to air-conditioning units. Through
                                                                              this careful organization, planning and training of the security staff, the fire safety of China
                                                                              World Century Towers has been effectively strengthened and guaranteed.
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